Competitive pricing for all of your dog training needs in Northamptonshire

Pricing guide for all of Northamptonshire NN postcodes. I also cover 25 Miles from a NN5 postcode with these prices. Live further and want me to travel to you, then I am happy to supply a quote. Get in touch. I have travelled to all surrounding counties to Northamptonshire, including Milton Keynes, London, Wales, Nottingham and many more places.

Have some puppy behaviour worries?

Puppy niggles £150 (Excellent for when you have a a couple or so issues)

Comprehensive puppy advice

Complete puppy guide £210 (looking at all your setup, what to avoid, and those puppy niggles. highly recommend for first time dog owners)

Puppy classes (limited class size 8 max)

VIP puppy classes including 15 mins at the end of each session on behaviour advice £125. Limited to 8 in a class.

121 Adolescent dog problems (non aggression)

Cracking adolescents behaviours £299 (Boisterous behaviours, not listening to commands, obedience issues, separation anxiety, loose lead issues)

121 Adolescent out of control, and worrying behaviours

Out of control adolescent £369 (growling, lunging, intensive barking)

121 Adult dog 18mos + (Non aggression)

Taking back control adult dog £332 ( separation anxiety, stealing, jumping up, any behaviours but not aggression)

121 Adult dog 18mos + (Red zone aggression)

Red zone aggression £450 (Snapping, bites have occurred, growling, lunging)

Rescue or Re-homed dog

1 x 20 min free video call to give advice up to 3 months of owning.

Senior dog 8yrs+

Free 20 min advice via video call or over the phone

121 Multiple dogs within the same household

Sibling rivalry aged up to 30 weeks, £210 (two puppies from the same litter)

Puppy to adult dog problems £299

The grumbling pack £380 growling at other dogs within same household (no fights)

Bringing the pack together £450 (Full segregation due to fights)

Group dog walks including FREE demos on Obedience

Dogs over 6mnths can attend, not suitable for dogs with aggression. Limited numbers to 10 max

Nutrition advice (Over the phone service)

What you are feeding your dog can affect their behaviour £35 for advice over a video call

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