Have a few weeks now passed and your starting to see some concerning dog behaviour problems? Have visitors attending the property become a concern due to the dog’s behaviour?

Knowing the dog’s history is key

Taking on a rehomed dog or rescue dog at any age can pose some challenges, not given that you always know the dog’s history. There is a 3 rule that is good guidance for the steps on the settling in process for a re-homed dog or rescue dog. 3hrs, 3days, 3 weeks, 3months. Don’t worry I will explain this.

Did you think you had the perfect dog?

I have found that dogs that have come from Romania have a tendency to find adjustments extremely difficult. Unfortunately, no dog will enter a new home setup, curl up and think happy days. It’s not how a dog’s mind works, if only though. So it’s normally after 3 weeks or so that behaviours that haven’t been displayed start to reveal themselves, especially in adolescent dogs or adult dogs aged 2-3 years of age.

Here are some of the behaviours I can assist with

  • Panic behaviours
  • Bonding problems between owners
  • Running off
  • Aggression towards visitors entering the property
  • Unpredicted behaviour

FREE 20min video call!

The great news is I am offering a 20 min video call with myself to help discuss your concerns as long as you have owned the dog for less than 3 months. I would like to provide you free advice on the following to help set the right foundations and the best start possible.

What information would be useful to provide in this 20 min video call or through the contact form would be.

  • How old the dog is
  • Known history like attended puppy classes, socialisation
  • Who was the first person to make contact with the dog
  • Is there any children 8yrs of age and under living with the dog
  • How many dogs in the household

No dog owner should be put off from taking on a rescue dog or re-homed dog. The key is to watch for early warning signs of potential behaviour problems. Understand that you are going to need a great deal of patience and commitment in some cases, especially where there is no history at all.

By me providing you some FREE advice, hopefully you will advert any worrying dog problems from being displayed.

Please get in touch to and I look forward to providing you some free advice.

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