Block dog training session

Block training sessions are the most impacting and cost effective sessions. Depending on what behaviours or training needs there are, will depend on the session time. Upon booking you can see the time required.

You won’t need a follow up

Four follow up’s in 14years! Think there is a good chance you wont need one. A  quote can be supplied. On some occasions I might choose to split the session please keep this in mind.

I will come to your venue (home, walk or park)

lets conduct the training where you are experiencing the most heightened of dog or puppy behaviours. That could be at your home environment, it might be a walk around your local neighbourhood, or meet at the park.

I might suggest a different venue

In some cases I might suggest an alternative venue to work in, often I choose to meet dog owners at a location called Abington Park, situated near the town centre of Northampton.

Identifying underlying issues

I will help identify the exact problem and any underlying issues. You will know exactly how to proceed forward with techniques and strategies for improving the situation. Your tailored guidance will be emailed to you after the session. Do takes notes as well.

lets use Whatts app to keep in touch

keep me posted via Whatts app.  The reason for using this social platform is that I can provide a video reply messages, or video call if needed. This feels more personal for clients, and the general  feedback supported this. Any communication platform is good. What ever suits you.

Full support after the session

Don’t hold back in contacting me after our session. A guidance report will sent out after the session to help you.

STAR approach

My STAR approach is unique and used throughout all my 121 work. Developed personally by me to help dog owners achieve success! Read more on how this unique approach can affect your dog’s behaviour.

No hidden costs

My fixed fees include weekends, bank holidays or evenings and travelling allowance for anyone living within a 25mile radius from a NN5 postcode. Sound good?

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