Got a house full of stair gates? A full segregation dog pack? Not sure on how to get the dogs back together?

This has to be a dog owner’s pinnacle moment! A segregated dog pack because of extreme fights, a house full of worry. Separated dog walks, a lifestyle of one way systems through the house. Fear of not being able to rest and relax because of leaving a gate open or not shutting a door. Honestly when things have reached this stage, it’s going to take a lot of patience and understanding to get things back on track.

There is always a chance

Certainly knowing the triggers to why it has come to this point of dog to dog aggression is crucial. For example is it a case of displacement aggression. I recall one case where a neighbour started up a chainsaw from one of the gardens and this sparked a dog to go in a highly anxious state which triggered the aggression. Taking it’s aggression out on another dog within the pack. The two dogs just couldn’t tolerate each other after this incident. Created by a trigger outside the pack. I will be honest now, depending on the severity of the aggression and the imapct it has on another dog, will dictate the outcome.

Are you experiencing these?

  • Snarls
  • Deep growling immediately on site of seeing the other dog
  • Stiffening up onsite of the other dog
  • Hackles raised

I have alot of experience with dealing with a pack of dogs

So how I approach this difficult dog problem of aggression and that’s gone into full segregation. For instance with all my 121s I will use my unique STAR approach to help rebuilding trust and rebuilding the bond between the dogs. Teaching you on how to read stress signals and how to get proactive to stopping aggression to name a couple.

Above all it’s going going to take dedication and hard work from everyone.

In conclusion you are definitely going to need a professional dog behaviourist. Someone like me who assess the situation and the realistic outcome. Most importantly the dogs will need to be muzzled trained before I wiuld attend!

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