Have a look at my group dog walk returning in 2023. As long as your dog is non-aggressive you are welcome to join. Please read what you can expect from this walk here.

Location of the dog walks is Harlestone Firs, situated along the A428 just outside Duston Northampton.

The £5 fee will include obedience sessions and demonstrations by myself incorporating aspects taken from my own dog training scheme called “Big Top Obedience” For example recall, loose lead, stay and recalling to whistle. More information included in this article.

Check the booking form at the top of this article for dates and availability

The walk lasts around 1.30hrs, (up to 2hrs) taking various routes through the woods. Depending on the time of year the ground can be very firm to slightly muddy, depending on the good old British weather, there maybe muddy puddles along the way.

There has been accounts of dogs falling ill having been in muddy puddles. Please bare this in mind and make your own decisions accordingly when it comes to encountering this type of terrain.

The creation group events  must have come from the Victorians

This event has become a really social event since I launched it in 2013. It’s been considerably on hold  for a few years, but now its returning. Great news for dog owners!

I am not going to have the pleasure of taking the credit for what may seem a fantastic creation, and in my opinion nor should anyone else who organises dog pack walks in Northampton or group meet up dog walks anywhere else.

I believe we can thank the Victorians who started bringing dogs together for dog shows and must of walked together in groups to get to these events. Thank you to the Victorians.

New Changes Have Been Made

I wanted to make some positive changes to this event now that I have brought it back. The change is that instead of holding regular adult dog obedience training classes to run alongside my very popular puppy classes. I am incorporating these into the group dog walks.

If you have come through my puppy classes then you would have received an achievement record. You can bring these along to the walks and keep track of your progress in training your dog.

The obedience session will last around 30mins. Its all dependant on group size and content being delivered. The areas to be covered will be (add below)

You are responsible at all times for your dog

If your dog is completely comfortable around other dogs and will come when called. I am happy for you to let your dog off lead as we walk to the location of the obedience training.  PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY AGGRESSION ISSUES DO NOT ATTEND THIS GROUP SESSION. THANK YOU.

Please contact me if you have any concerns with your dogs behaviour. Or see my services and price guide here.

It’s a fun and casual event

If you are looking for a fun alternative to your usual dog walk and want to meet like minded people to chat and share dog owning experiences, to help others with their dogs and to access advice and support with your dog grab your lead, your dog. Family and friends can attend too.

Meet 15 minutes before the start time, near the main entrance. look out for me I will try and make my self as obvious as possible.

Importantly if you miss the walk for any reason then no refunds will be given.

You Don’t Have To Stay For The Full Duration

I recognise that all dogs may not be able to complete the whole walk. So you are more than welcome to drop out anytime, just let us know. This can be useful for more senior dogs or puppies who can’t walk for to long. We will direct you on how to get back – it’s very easy from all routes.

We Want You To Have A Good Time

Please ensure you don’t leave any valuables in your vehicle.
Bring some tasty treats for your dog and water as breaks will take place along the way

Although this is an organised event by “Chris Rose” I hold no responsibility for your dogs actions or behaviour towards other dogs and humans. You at all times are responsible for your dogs wellbeing and behaviour. Thank you.

In conclusion

I look forward to greeting you on the walks and helping you with training your dog in obedience. providing advice to aide your dog to become a well behaved dog in public spaces.

Opportunities will be provided to ask questions, but time is limited and if you feel so might suggest you look to booking a 121 to help you further with your problems. Service and price guide found here.

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