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All the information you will need if you are experiencing a dog behaviour problem. In this article you will find FAQs, list of the dog behaviour problems I get asked to help with, and price guide. Lots of other information to help you decide on booking this service.

My dog behaviour service does not cover these!

  • Still rigid body
  • Deep guttural bark
  • A forward lunge
  • Mouthing, which is applying pressure with teeth, but not biting completely down
  • Muzzle punch
  • Growling
  • Showing teeth
  • Snapping
  • Snarling
  • Nipping at the skin
  • Quick bite that has torn the skin
  • Strong bites in a row, with rapid succession
  • Biting and shaking

14 years of dog behaviour experience in the following

  • Shying away (Lack of confidence)

  • Destruction (Boredom or related to stress)

  • Vocal responses (Anxiety, panic, territorial etc!)

  • Refusing to walk, obey commands (Worried dog!)

  • Chasing (Prey drive, very difficult to cure if I am honest)

  • Acting out of the ordinary (Might be worth a medical check first)

  • Phobias/Fears/(Noises, entering car, etc!)

  • Boisterous/Dominant dog (Hyperactive, demanding, won’t listen)

  • Anxiety (Dog doesn’t like being left alone)

  • Chronic attention seeking dog (Dog always wanting attention)

  • Excessive Barking around the property

  • Impulsive behaviours (Random acts of unwanted behaviour)

Solution to Dog Behaviours for dogs aged 7months+

Dogs communicate by a variety of different means, scent, physical appearance, body language, body position, facial expressions, movement and vocalisations, which include numerous different barks, whines and growls. I help dog owners to read their dog’s communication to then efficiently communicate back to the dog to eliminate bad behaviours.

Other services I offer that you might be looking for

Keys things we will cover

  • Correctly identifying your dog’s body language/vocal cues (So important)

  • How to correctly approach your dog behaviour worries/concerns

  • Educational and Support approach aided by mentoring throughout.

  • Q&A throughout the session to aide the learning

  • Discuss alternative equipment and other learning resources if needed

  • Realistic goals for good behaviour (what it’s going to take)

  • How has it got to this point? (Important to know)

  • Discussions on other behaviours that require training (included in the price)

What to do now/ Process

  • Firstly, please rule out anything medical first (Is your dog in pain?)

  • Phone me on 07917164402 to discuss your dog behaviour problem

  • You book and pay through this website for your No1 concern you want help with. Don’t worry if you have others, they will be covered in the price

  • Practical training session (held at a suitable location to witness your concerns)

  • Further practical support sessions can be booked at your convenience

  • Take notes yourself or purchase a follow up report

  • Support via text, email or call after initial session


Yes please, call me and I will be able to direct you to the correct price option.

Please capture anything on video, make notes and reflect on anything you feel might have contributed to the issue.

Yes that is correct, I have allocated different times depending on the behaviour that I know with my experience will allow me to provide all the information for you to see changes.

Follow up visits can be booked through this website and at a convenience for yourself. The cost is comparably different form the initial dog behaviour session

I advise taking notes, but you can purchase a report to be provided if you so wish.

I can supply a report and this can be purchased separately through this website under bookings

You may need to; again, this will be discussed during an initial phone call. It generally isn’t the case though.

There is a 98% of changing your dog’s behaviour, if you are willing to put the time and commitment in. Depending on the problem does depend on the turnaround time. If I felt I cannot help you, I would advise this on the initial call.

In the booking form you select what days you are available, this will provide you with my availability for that day, weekend or evening. I do work weekends and bank holidays including school holidays too.

After a pretty much all day session with my border collie Jasper, I have learnt some fantastic techniques from Chris, his friendly, informative approach is excellent. He helped me understand Jaspers body language and also to recognise when he is displaying anxious behaviour, what I’ve done wrong and left me with techniques to help Jasper, within 24 hrs I have already started to notice a calmer dog, long way to go but highly recommend Chris!

Paula Edwards , Northamptonshire

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