I can help you! I understand how difficult it can be when you feel like you don’t know where to start with your dog, how to bring the best out in them, or if your dog isn’t behaving the way you’d like them to. I also understand that you might need more information before booking a session with me.

Don’t be put off seeking more help

You might have already engaged someone for advice about your dog. I understand that this can be costly and you might feel reluctant to spend money again on another trainer. Many of my clients have approached me feeling like this over the years. Some of their reviews are on this website.

Knowing a bit more about my methods might help. It’s really important for you to judge how my methods fit with your own views on training a dog.

The best results come when we all agree on the approach

  • I’m a positive reinforcement trainer. I like using treats, touch and verbal praise when it’s appropriate to do so.
  • I like to suggest alternative equipment to help handle a dog. All equipment is carefully selected from the many different options available to help with control and your dog rethinking its behaviour.

  • I will coach you though the new routines and methods to create a real consistent approach to success. I will take the lead at times so that you can see what good looks like and how to do something in practice.
  • I may, at times, encourage sound interrupters such as a clap of hands, a firm verbal “No” command, or a subtle noise to assist with behaviour corrections or to get a dogs focus. However this will only be encouraged and instructed at the right and appropriate time.
  • I work on retraining your dog’s mind through classical conditioning techniques. These are very powerful methods for re-mapping and training a dogs mind.
  • I comply with the law at all times, in all residential and community areas. Being a responsible dog owner is paramount in my mind.
  • I may suggest a dog muzzle, if appropriate and necessary for the safety of others and in alignment the with the law.

I don’t endorse the following 

  • Hitting or pinning, which was used a lot years ago. This is now understood to create a fear of humans.

  • Prong collar – yes they exist! They create pain to achieve a result. In my view there are far better options than causing pain.

  • Thankfully banned in the UK, the electric shock collar. No more to be said I think.

  • Invisible boundary markers that trigger a shock to the dog for crossing them, making them retreat. Surely a dog safe garden is much better!

  • Not understanding how a dog’s mind works, for example shouting at a dog when the dog has no realisation of what it has done wrong. If it happened more than 4 seconds ago, it’s too late! You are only creating fear in your dog.

  • Physically forcing a dog to accept or overcome a situation. There’s no need.

When you book a 121, you get a block of time with me – one session. No follow-ups are needed because you will be given everything you need during the session, including all relevant information and a guidance summary to support you with what we’ve worked on after I leave. You can access support by phone or video calls, text or email.

If this hasn’t answered all of your questions, no problem. Please use the contact buttons at the top of this page, outlining the priorities you would like help with and times and dates when it is best to contact you by video call (more preferable) or over the phone. I look forward to hearing from you.

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