Dog and Puppy Training

By Chris Rose

Chris Rose Dog Whisperer

This is my professional canine consultancy service, focussing on owners as well as the daily unique challenges of dog owning. I cover all behaviours and training needs from puppy to adult dog. I help owners train their dogs to become, well behaved, happy and anxiety free.

I cover the whole of Northamptonshire, surrounding counties and the rest of the UK, solving what looked like un-solvable dog behaviour problems. This why I receive a significant amount of recommendation`s for my services.  

My studies with CIDBT will give you assurances that I am within the top 50 dog trainers in the UK. With over 10 years experience. 

The methods I use for dog training are ethical, modern and as natural as possible to encourage good behaviour and a high level of dog obedience. Many testimonials prove that my philosophy works.

I am a hands on trainer, taking the lead and demonstrating my training techniques for good behaviour, better control or wanting a more responsive dog to commands. Professional evaluations and training, in real life occurrences.