“We are absolutely well impressed by the advice and help given – fantastic!”
Chris and dog
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Hi, I am Chris Rose, your local dog behaviourist, providing strategies and solutions to all dog-related issues and problems, not only here in Northamptonshire but the whole of the UK as well.

This is more than dog training! This could be life changing

80% of dogs in the UK have at least one fear! Let’s change that

I am a specialist in ‘fear’ related problems including dog aggression and dog behaviour relating to lack of socialisation! In fact any dog related problem or dog training need you have, I can provide specialist help with especially if you live in Northamptonshire. This also includes puppy behaviour training

You probably have a good idea to what your dog is communicating (the reason they are doing it) but don’t know how to change it or approach the problem?

I teach owners to read their dog’s body language correctly, identifying vocalisations for their true meaning and how to correctly approach the behaviour, and if trust has become an issue, then this usually returns soon after a consultation too!

My dog training services have helped many dog owners to date, not only here in Northampton, but other UK areas too. My services are backed by many testimonials and referrals!

You might not know this, but a dog can display around 35 behaviours and some at 1cm at a time! So that’s why I have created services which cover these and with prices to reflect the level of my expertise required.

Hiring my services means that you will be accessing fully accredited dog behaviour techniques

My training is modern and up to date to be compliant with any standards in canine training! This has enabled me to make an appearance on the BBC, contribute to local radio and be hired by celebrities and professional sports people alike.


thank you so much for your help with tilly, what you have said all makes good sense and we have already started with the training :) Iam now looking forward to taking her for a walk !! (from one happy client ) :) x
Jackie Cook

Well I cannot thank Chris enough for the help he has given me and Albie my 10 month old staffy. Since the first phonecall he filled me with confidence that he could help and has worked in such a non judgemental way towards us both. He knew Albie was highly anxious and gave me the tools and strategies to help me be a better owner and Albie to come out of himself to be the playful staffy he is. I can now read his body language and can judge situations on if he feels uncomfortable and he has worked with as many members of my family (other dogs included) to ensure we are all working together. I am full to the brim with confidence and cannot wait to update Chris with how well me and Albie are doing socialising him with new dogs and having him be the loving family dog I knew he could be! THANKYOU!

Anna Watson
We used Chris back in January couple weeks after getting our reactive rescue dog, who also needed some training with manners on the lead. Had an excellent session with Chris, who walked around the corner at the park head on to Molly going bonkers!! . We have been using the tips and advice given by Chris that day. We still have a long way to go but we are making some really good progress.
Tracy Driver
We rehomed Stan from Many Tears rescue when he was 14 weeks old. We joined puppy classes with Chris a week later. We both enjoyed the friendly session and although Stan was shy the first week he really liked being with the other dogs. Chris is very informative in a friendly and approachable way. He has helped us a lot to understand the way to teach our puppy. We particularly liked how he taught in a group but also individually at times where needed. Over the years we have been to various dog training classes, with our other dogs and we would very much recommend Chris to others.
Big thank you and a waggy tail from Stan, Suzanne and Mark! Thanks Chris!
Suzanne Webb
Chris was absolutely amazing, we have a dog who suffers anxiety issues. Chris helped us understand the causes and triggers and trained us to overcome these issues. Within a week we noticed big improvements and are continuing to follow Chris’ advice. Highly recommend! Can’t thank Chris enough.
Kelly Saunders

After having such difficulty walking my dog bear (currently 11months) and getting him to interact in the right manner with other dogs I contacted chris.

We arranged a 1 on 1 session at Abington park and within minutes I was blown away with how quickly chris knew what was wrong with bear. I had mistaken his behaviour for overexcitement, but it was actually anxiety issues.

Chris spent 3.5 (and would of been longer if needed) hours with me, my partner and bear showing us different techniques of how to control his behaviour and to get him to loose lead walk. He also got bear to start interacting with other dogs at the park. By the end of the consultation he was a Different dog, bear used to constantly pull on the lead, Lunge at other dogs and some people. It made walks such hard work. Chris has gave us the tools to totally change that. He has totally filled me and my partner up with confidence on how to successfully change bears bad habits. I would totally recommend chris to anyone. I also feel that chris is easy to talk to. Doesn’t judge at all. And is full of knowledge on all aspects where dogs are concerned. Really couldn’t ask for anyone better. Thanks chris

Jack Howson
After a very thorough and knowledgeable consultation with Chris we were able to implement the strategies suggested with our boy who was severely dominant and aggressive to our bitch. Within just a few hours things have changed quite dramatically and we have 2 considerably calmer dogs and a more peaceful household. I am very pleased with the service provided and highly recommend Chris. Thanks Chris
Leanne Holman
After a pretty much all day session with my border collie Jasper, I have learnt some fantastic techniques from Chris, his friendly, informative approach is excellent. He helped me understand Jaspers body language and also to recognise when he is displaying anxious behaviour, what I’ve done wrong and left me with techniques to help Jasper, within 24 hrs I have already started to notice a calmer dog, long way to go but highly recommend Chris!
Paula Edwards
Was meant to post back in January! We had Chris over to help us with our Alaskan Shepherd. She had become quite anxious and was on high alert when we had guests over. I am please to say that Winter’s anxiety has dampened a lot: having guests over still poses some issues as we do not have them over often. But overall, a huge success!
Rebekah Lake
We had an excellent day with Chris yesterday. We have had Willow for about 11 months and she had a fear aggression with other dogs when on the lead. Chris showed us how to manage this with various techniques and was easy to listen and learn from. His passion for dogs is obvious and Willow soon took to him and was a near perfect public when he had the lead
Catherine Capewell

Thanks, Chris for your great help and training over the last 4 weeks! Rigsby and I would like to thank you for all the tips and info. It was a great help. Phil and Rigsby

Rigsby - Border terrier
We had puppy training with Chris was great for me and harley
Janet Haynes
We had a lovely, fun and productive day with Chris Rose yesterday. Learned a lot from him that would definitely make my PLIO (15wk old Husky x German Shepherd) be the best she can be. We will carry on doing what you taught us. Again, Thank you so much, Chris Rose.
Highly recommend Chris Rose
Maristela Beach

Wanted to say a big thank you. We have just had four 1-1 session with our 11-month-old German Wirehaired Pointer -Floyd.
We have really taken on board all the advice given. We cannot express how much Floyd has changed.
Your knowledge and style of delivery is spot on.
We Now have a calmer and happier dog.
We are really motivated to keep up twice daily training. Please thank Chris again – Floyd is so much calmer- we are loving walking him now – Ali and Paul

Floyd - German wirehaired pointer
Amazing results in the dog from lesson one and amazing amount learnt by owner! Especially grateful to Chris for involving my young daughter in the training session the advice given was easy to follow and easy to continue at home my staffy is calmer and listening and no longer jumping up like a crazy dog. Highly recommend Chris
Yvonne Tipple

Hi Chris, I’ve just met a couple walking their (absolutely stunning) rescue dog up at  Hunsbury . They asked if my cockapoo Lola had been to any training classes, and it was then I realised that I could confidently recommend your services, because you have a natural affinity with the dogs and it’s not just ticking boxes. So it gives me an opportunity to thank you for the training you did with Lola (and me)! She is such a happy, lively dog but is now more obedient thanks to the guidance you gave us. – Mac

Lola and owner Mac
Chris came to visit my family yesterday as my dogs were extremely anxious and lead reactive. As soon as Chris entered my house we instantly felt at ease. He was so easy to talk to and his wealth of knowledge is brilliant. He helped us to read our dogs body language and understand their behaviours and demonstrated how we can change them for the better. And in one session their reactivity was instantly lowered. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much Chris. We are now looking forward to much more enjoyable walks with our dogs
Emily Mills

Chris Rose, you are Amazing. My husband and I were seeing some behaviours developing in our dog Guss in the few weeks we have had him that we did not know how to change. We contacted Chris for his guidance and expertise and he visited yesterday. Within minutes of arriving he knew that our dog’s behaviours were down to anxieties, and us unwittingly letting the our dog control us! Chris was with us for over 4 hours demonstrating the techniques needed. We knew exactly where we were going wrong and how to achieve the changes and after Chris left we started straight away. By yesterday evening we knew that the techniques were working, they are simple and very effective and we will never underestimate the use of a ‘Lead’, today we have incredible changes in our dog, and he knows that we now have control. Thank you so much Chris, Incredible.

Christine Sainsbury
Best PUPPY CLASSES Ever… Now we are on Bronze level 1 with Chris… So much Fun & Knowledge
my lab porter and i really enjoyed our puppy classes with chris. we have retained a lot of useful information which we use at home and out on walks. chris introduced us to clicker and whistle training which is working well for me and my dog. i will happily recommend chris to any dog owner keen to enrol in training.
Clare Tosney