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Welcome adults, children and puppies to the ‘BIG TOP OBEDIENCE’ dog training scheme. Unique and created by me, Chris Rose, to enhance yours and your dog’s training experience.

The dog obedience scheme is designed to help produce a well-trained puppy growing into an adult dog. Helping dog owners to learn essential knowledge about their dog’s behaviour and understand how to get the best out of training their dog.

BIG TOP OBEDIENCE is a great way of socialising your dog and meeting other like-minded dog owners in Northamptonshire. There is an opportunity to learn different levels of obedience, depending on whether you’re a novice, beginner or advanced. Come along and I guarantee you will enjoy these classes. In fact hundreds of puppies have already that reside in Northampton.

(Also, look out for my dog walks NEW for 2022! Included in the walks will be elements taken from the silver and gold elements of the my dog training scheme. Read more here.)

‘Puppy Clowns’ (Bronze award)

‘Puppy Clowns’ is aimed at starting obedience training with a puppy and providing an essential introduction to socialisation with other puppies. This is an important part of your puppy’s education and will help to prevent fear of other dogs as they grow up.

As well as giving you the foundation to having an obedient dog that responds to your and your family’s commands, ‘Puppy Clowns’ will also give you the information you need on responsible dog ownership and puppy behaviour.

Play is encouraged during the course, using suitable puppy safe equipment. This makes it fun for the puppy and also helps with their development. Plus it acts as a great re-enforcer for training.

I will help you to build up your puppy’s obedience level through patience, fun, repetition and consistency. All with the help of a clicker. Your puppy’s obedience will be boosted.

Recording your achievement

A record card is provided and your achievement will be recorded for each element covered. As well as recording your successes, your card will be used to help you remember what to focus on in between classes, so that your puppy continues to make progress. If you’re really struggling with something, I can always help with a 121 or other service. Learn more here. Competitive pricing for help training your dog

Where are the classes held?

Errington Park Duston.

146 Ryeland Rd,Duston, Northampton NN5 6XN (car park is opposite).

Dates for next class

These classes consist of a 4 week course, held at the same time each week.

You can select your free days in the booking form above and that will show you the next available dates. The next course starts on Saturday  May 6th at 09:30am. Other dates are available!

Click you day avaiability in the booking form above and you will find the next option for puppy classes held in Northampton.

Class size

Classes are limited to 8 puppies max. Class sizes may vary in size and will still go ahead no matter how many enrol.

When can you start

To be safe, I like puppies to come after they’ve have their second vaccination, unless your vet advises otherwise.

Equipment and essentials

  • Your puppy must have a suitable collar, lead or other setup with ID tag
  • Suppply food treats and a puppy safe toy
  • Handler to bring poop bags
  • Please bring your puppy’s vaccination records
  • Provide own water bowl
  • Handler to provide a clicker too

During the puppy course areas that will be covered and obedience are;

  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Separation anxiety
  • Dog food
  • Toilet issues
  • Socialisation with other dogs, people etc.
  • Hygiene and puppy identification

Cleanliness is important

It is essential that you bring poop and scoop bags, cleaning up after any of your puppy accidents. Please dispose of them appropriately. Thank you!

ID tag is still required by law

It is requirement of law that every dog wears an identification tag, despite them being micro chipped. Details should include you name or the owner’s name, address, but not your dogs name! It’s not essential to have your phone number, but could assist in reuniting you with your puppy swiftly. I would highly recommend this.

Puppy responds to his or her name

Definitely want your puppy knowing his or her name. I’m sure before you come to the classes this will already established, so we will have a quick check. If your puppy doesn’t respond to their name, you will find it increasingly frustrating and irritating when trying to gain your puppy’s attention for training. I will demonstrate how to if this is the case.

Controlled play

Your puppy should demonstrate control when playing with a suitable toy or object.  Whilst you are encouraging play don’t encourage rough play or fighting. This is because it will only wind your puppy up, restricting further learning in the class.

Socialisation with others.

Puppies will be continually be monitored during the socialisation element to other puppies and strangers. Advice will given upon observing any puppy demonstrating fear, shyness or nervousness (including the early development of aggression). Playful growling will be highlighted to ease concerns too.

Basic obedience positions

I will be covering all aspects of basic obedience, these will include. Sit, down, and stand and with the aide of the clicker you will be flying in these areas in no time.

Releasing of toy or object

I will observe your puppy giving up an item on command . This item should not be food related but an article of your choice. Don’t worry as a class we will conduct a short exercise on how to introduce the word “leave” before this observation.

Foundation to recall

Teaching your dog from an early age right through to adulthood to recall upon asking is crucial and can be a life saver. You will learn the how to achieve a good reliable recall to whistle during the week we focus on this element.

No puppy’s will be let off lead.  I will provide advice on what to do if your puppy doesn’t respond to the recall command. This little trick could make all the difference in any situation when your dog doesn’t recall!

Loose lead walking

Everyone wants a dog that heels nicely or loose leads! I will demonstrate how to start that journey with your puppy. This will incorporate how to get your puppy to stay reasonably close and when making turns too.

Stay for 15 seconds

Stay has to start somewhere! Training a dog to stay can be quick with the right advice and training. I’m pretty certain that 15 seconds will fly past and you might achieve a longer stay during the classes. Especially when your adopt my secret. If you don’t then you will know what to work on.

Vet check

The ability to examine your puppy for any injury or health problem is a vital daily responsibility. Whilst on lead as a group we will go through a very basic simulated health check of your puppy. What we want is your puppy to be able to be examined without any signs of extreme aggression or fear. Mild fidgeting is acceptable at this early age.

Taking food gently

I cover lots of tips about food during the class, but I will also demonstrate on how to prevent your dog snatching the food, but instead taking it gently. There could be a reason why your puppy is choosing to do this.

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