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This article is all the information you need to know about my dog training service. You can find a list of the top FAQs, what’s included, how to book and including a list of the top dog behaviours I frequently get asked to help with and starting prices.

My dog training service does not cover these!

  • Still rigid body
  • Deep guttural bark
  • A forward lunge
  • Mouthing, which is applying pressure with teeth, but not biting completely down
  • Muzzle punch
  • Growling
  • Showing teeth
  • Snapping
  • Snarling
  • Nipping at the skin
  • Quick bite that has torn the skin
  • Strong bites in a row, with rapid succession
  • Biting and shaking

14 years of experience in the following

  • Loose lead walking (Stop your arm being pulled off)

  • Recall (Dog won’t come back to you)

  • Clicker training

  • Whistle training

  • Pet gundog training (Maximise your dog walks and obedience)

  • General Obedience Training (Sit, Down, Stay, Stand)


Dogs training is a way of teaching a dog on how to react to a certain command and to perform particular skills. This is done by signals and cues, which also will allow the dog to work independently at times too. I help owners get the very best from dog training their dog by exploring different types of equipment, the best method of communication and to understand their dog better from their body language. Dog training then becomes fun!

Are you looking for my other services

Keys things we will cover

  • Correctly identifying your dog’s body language/vocal cues (So important)

  • How to correctly approach the situation in response to your dog’s body language (This is key)

  • Mentoring you through training methods

  • Q&A throughout the session to aid the learning

  • Discuss alternative equipment and other learning resources if needed

  • Realistic goals for good obedience (what it’s going to take)

  • How has it got to this point? (Important to know)

  • Discussions on other dog training that may require training

What to do now/ Process

  • Firstly, please rule out anything medical first (Is your dog in pain?)

  • Phone me on 07917164402 to discuss your dog behaviour problem

  • You book and pay through this website for your No1 concern you want help with. Don’t worry if you have others, they will be covered in the price.

  • Practical training session (held at a suitable location to witness your concerns)

  • Further practical support sessions can be booked at your convenience

  • Take notes yourself or purchase a follow up report

  • Support via text, email or call after initial session


I attend the environments where the dog is most likely to display the unwanted behaviour.

Having all the family available would be hugely beneficial. Including anyone else who would benefit from my advice.

Yes, I am insured with public liability insurance.

Using the booking form and selecting your availability, should provide you with various time slots and days to choose from. These will include weekends, evenings, bank holidays and days in school holidays too.

I advise taking notes, but you can purchase a report to be provided if you so wish.

I encourage yourself to provide dog training treats to prevent any upset stomachs from your dog after the 121.

You would be paying for a block session, meaning you get all the advice in one session which will last on average around 2.5hrs. This will be highlighted in the booking form.

You may need to; again, this will be discussed during an initial phone call. It generally isn’t the case though.

There is a 98% of changing your dog’s behaviour, if you are willing to put the time and commitment in. Depending on the problem does depend on the turnaround time. If I felt I cannot help you, I would advise this on the initial call.

Support is provided by text, call or email. Follow up visits can be booked as when you feel you may need one.

There is a separate price for more than one dog, which will cover all your dogs. By selecting one dog only, then the sole focus will only be for training a dog.

Chris was absolutely amazing; we have a dog who suffers anxiety issues. Chris helped us understand the causes and triggers and trained us to overcome these issues. Within a week we noticed big improvements and are continuing to follow Chris’ advice. Highly recommend! Can’t thank Chris enough.

kelly Saunders , Northamptonshire
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