Totally at a loss to know what to do next with your dog’s aggression?

Red zone dog aggression is any dog owner’s worse nightmare, you might be thinking how on earth it has got to this point. Dog aggression displays itself in many ways as you can see by the list below. Some of the listings you may not have heard before or considered, so that’s why it is important that we chat first, so we can establish exactly what type of dog aggression we are dealing with.

  • Dog to person aggression
  • Protection aggression
  • Competitive aggression
  • Obsession aggression
  • Territorial aggression
  • Maternal aggression
  • Fear aggression
  • Inter pack aggression
  • Inter male aggression
  • Aggression to visitors
  • Hyper vigilance on walks
  • Hyper activity around the home
  • Intermittent snapping at other dogs
  • Barking on walks for unknown reasons
  • Growling when touched or approached in public spaces

Dog aggression is complex

Dog aggression is a complex dog problem. The key is learning why your dog is choosing to react like this. Dog aggression is displayed at a very last resort. So understanding the trigger and type of aggression is crucial for success in reducing or eliminating this behaviour concern!

Dog aggression is dangerous, lets consider the law

The dogs law is something all parties have to consider, in fact the dangerous dog act 1991 highlights. If you knowingly have a dog behaviour concern, i.e. aggression, then taking precautions and getting your dog muzzled trained is essentially important if we are to comply with the law. So please ensure your dog is muzzle happy before booking any dog behaviour 121 with myself, especially these, dog to person or dog to dog aggression. This will help provide confidence and trust on all levels.

How does the 121 work?

The next question I usually get asked is what’s involved with a 121 and how does it work! Click here

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