Is your new puppy causing you havoc with your other dog? Are things are starting to get concerning?

Getting a new puppy when you already have a well-established, well-behaved dog cannot always go to the plan that you had in mind. Probably the first few days and weeks have gone fairly well. But there are growls and voidance from the older dog now. And to top of things, the puppy is seeing everything as a game when it’s clearly not.

Without the right guidance on this matter, you could find yourself with one dog totally becoming wary and fearful of remotely passing the new puppy without being pounced on. Let’s just clarify what are the signs that not everything is ok.

  • Avoiding entering the room
  • Won’t come to close for affection
  • Unable to play with any toys
  • Growls and snaps
  • Freeze ups
  • A growing competitiveness over toys
  • One dog not accepting the licking of the other dogs face
  • Barging in when one dogs get fuss

How do I go about resolving this issue, well my unique STAR approach will help with the following!

  • Highlighting pinch points that will heighten and draw out these issues
  • What to do if minor disputes occur, how to stop
  • Highlighting body language, the build up to a problem
  • Advice on how to grow the bond between the dogs going forward
  • Work on the not so obvious triggers to a untrained eye.

How much is this puppy to older dog problem package, £299 it could be that you are looking for puppy classes or a complete guide for puppy owning.
Want to know more about my methods and the philosophy of the STAR approach.

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