• STAR approach, 4 key areas to a well behaved dog
  • A modern approach to a well behaved dog!
  • Space, Time, Attention and Reward

The STAR approach comes from my 14 years of working with dogs. It consistently achieves fast results.

It involves 4 key principles for overcoming unwanted dog behaviours. So it’s easy to remember.

It’s a dog training philosophy without fear or intimidation – no force or shouting!

Dogs use body language to avert the need for aggression.  Shouting, pinning or other fearful tactics will break a dogs spirit and lead to fear issues. My approach is a better way! 

It will work on any breed

The STAR approach can be used on any dog breed.  Your dog’s breed will affect how quickly it learns, but it will learn.

STAR impacts upon a dogs mind

STAR is effective in changing behaviours like nervousness, fear, anxiety and even dog aggression. It restores hierarchy, stops boisterous behaviour, and will impact positively on your dog.

I use other strategies alongside STAR

My philosophy also includes classical conditioning strategies. I will show you how to use these strategies to get a positive outcome.

Learning your dog’s body language is vital

Learning to understand your dog’s body language and what those different vocal commands mean will help you to successfully implement the guidance I provide after our session. I will teach you how to do this.

Being proactive is important too

Being proactive and ready to act correctly in situations is key. Trust with your dog will grow, along with your confidence in applying my strategies.

Reward good behaviour

I encourage rewarding good behaviour. Rewarding appropriately and at the right time is important. We will discuss this in our dog behaviour consultation.

Flooding and desensitization

Other strategies used are flooding and desensitization. Doesn’t mean anything to you? Don’t worry, I will explain how these will help your dog. The STAR approach provides the framework for making these strategies work effectively.

Would you like to train your dog in this way?

Now you understand my ethos and the training techniques I use, I’m hoping you will give me the opportunity to help you and your dog.

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