So about me, Chris Rose, professional dog behaviourist. I grew up in Northampton. I was raised with dogs, a Lhasa Apso called Pippy, who lived to a great age of 14 years, and a Dalamation called Tinker.

Then I got my own dogs

It was a number of years before I could own my own dog – a chocolate Labrador called Coco. Then I added Storm the Springer Spaniel, a Border Terrier called Fred and last but not least, Kasper, a black Labrador.

That pack gave me a great understanding of dog behaviour, which formed the foundations of my dog behaviour work. Learning to read their body language and vocal commands was so fascinating. In fact it was addictive!

Pet shop recommended me!

I was visiting a pet shop regularly and talking about dog behaviour, my dogs and generally showing huge interest and enthusiasm. So much so that the pet shop decided to recommend me to a customer who was seeking some help with their dog, and this turned out to be my first case!

I hadn’t formally studied at this point, later I enrolled with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT). That first dog behaviour case turned into further recommendations and they haven’t stopped coming since.

So dog behaviour work found me

Was being a dog behaviourist something I’d considered? No! I never envisaged that I would get into this industry. It found me! Word of my work spread quite quickly, across numerous counties, through recommendations from friends and friends of friends.

It took a while, but I found the right studies

Finding the right qualifications was incredibly difficult because there weren’t many dog behaviour curriculums that fitted with my ethos. To my amazement the industry is unregulated. Not one single authority oversees this area of specialism.

Real experience came with hands on cases

All my experience came from working hands-on in the field. Studying was good and if anything, it taught me that what I was already practicing was correct. I will continue to combine my own experience with formal studies through the CIDBT so that my thinking stays current.

The BBC contacted me!

My professional dog behaviour career has spanned over many years now. And across many counties up and down the UK. Including an appearance on the BBC! That has to be my biggest delight so far.

Less of me, lets help you

I am really committed to helping dog owners like yourself. Click the link below to get started.

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