I have always said have owned more than 2 dogs in a pack, you might class two dogs as a pack. But having owned four dogs at one time, dog-owning was taken to a whole new level, in terms of what I could do or not in some cases. The dynamics are so different when you own multiple dogs owning. Things can really start to change quickly and being left unattended can cause friction and tension with the dog pack.

Over the years dog owners reported that all was in harmony and that the dogs got on well. But after one incident that spilt over two dogs didn’t like being in each other’s company. This dog behaviour package looks at solely just growls between two or more dogs.

I know that if one dog becomes agitated for any reason they can take it out on another dog. A displacement behaviour. This doesn’t make this ok because if you are experiencing displacement behaviours and one dog does take it out on another, you will need my other package to bring the pack together. Because truthfully that’s where you will end up, with no trust and fights to happen almost for what seems no reason! That’s a very stressful situation.

What generally happens with tension in the pack is that one dog will choose to sit with one owner while the other generates a favoured owner. This can cause more problems when either owner wants to engage with the other dog. You can find yourself in a vicious circle.

Let’s look at what may be happening.

  • Growls at other dog
  • Long starring at another dog
  • One dog taken themselves away from any situation
  • Hiding away from other dogs
  • Rushing past one dog
  • Reluctance to get in car with other dog
  • Wont approach for affection

So it is important to get the understanding as to what is happening within the pack and what has brought it to this point. Before things really start to set in.

The cost for this grumbling dog pack package is £380

Next steps

  • Read about my methods
  • Check that the price covers your area
  • What’s included a session and after
  • How to book and pay for a session
  • Make a booking
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