Are you noticing that the interactions are not playful between your puppies? Are you worried that this will intensify as they get older? Do you want to avoid future problems having read up on sibling rivalry?

Who can resist two puppies?

Who can resist getting two puppies from the same litter?  The breeder isn’t going to have stood in your way advising you on some of the downsides of owning two from the same litter. Already knew the concerns?

Get help now before things really spiral

Professional guidance can sort things before they spiral out of control. Adolescent stage can really intensify un! It can feel like a battle ground, parting the dogs constantly!

I will show you what’s good interactions

You may have thought leaving it for them to work out is a good idea. This strategy often can lead to very intense fighting and highly competitive aggression if left untreated. Are you noticing any of these behaviours at the moment?

  • One puppy constantly going for the next of the other
  • Competitiveness over toys and chews
  • Stealing one item of from another
  • Rushing past the other puppy as going past
  • Rise in amount of spats and intensity
  • One puppy not eating

What is play?

I can advise you on when play is not play.  How to prevent escalation.  Really understanding what is needed to be put in place now, will massively pay off later I promise. Let’s not get to a stage of you thinking of having to rehome one dog!

Book now before things get really bad

121’s are for anyone who wants the understanding and to learn more about their dog, at a pace that suits the owner and dog. An understanding to know if your approach is right and not to feel embarrassed in front of other owners, if your dog’s behaviour makes you feel uncomfortable.

Next steps

  • Read about my methods
  • Check that the price covers your area
  • What’s included a session and after
  • How to book and pay for a session
  • Make a booking
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