Is your adolescent dog displaying worrying behaviours? Difficult to control so now avoiding situations? Need professional help?

Since the days of COVID and social distancing, this has massively impacted a dog’s behaviour. The type of breed will also play its part in the intensity of the behaviour. Some of the breeds that I have witnessed significantly impacted our GSD, Doberman’s, husky, cockerpoo’s, terriers, chiaowers, to name a few. It’s not to say that every breed I have listed will display the same intensive behaviours. But when any adolescent dog gets very intensive, aggressive behaviours it can be displayed with some force and intent.

Perhaps you just need help with your adolescent dog aged 30wks to 18mnths with non-aggressive behaviours? Click here.

Are you experiencing these?

  • Barking at other dogs or people
  • Excessive lunging
  • Worrying behaviour to visitors
  • To boisterous to handle
  • Worried a bite might happen soon
  • Panic behaviours
  • Loss of confidence issues

There could a lot of triggers that are causing your dog to behave the way it is. A past experience, locality of where you live, how you are dealing with the problem currently, avoiding to name a few. The good news is that I can help you. Understanding and working on the underlying issue is key especially as your dog could be reaching maturity as an adult dog.

Another key is not to keep trying alternative suggestions and training techniques, for any dog displaying the above consistency is a major key for success.

The price for this is package is £369, find out more on how to book here. Want to know how more about my ethos and methods then you can read that here too. Under the dogs law you are taking the right action in getting some professional help.

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