Is your dog resisting or challenging your commands? Has some behaviours intensified on from puppy stage? In other words do you feel your dog has completely changed?

Welcome to adolescent stage of dog owning, , in other words the most challenging times for dog owners!

This is the most popular of my dog training services used by dog owners!

  • Stealing items and refusing to give back
  • Persistent jumping up to people
  • Running off and not coming back
  • Jumping up to work top surfaces and snatching food
  • Sifting through the bin
  • Refusing to enter a car or other vehicle
  • Eating issues, eating own poo or other dogs including cattle dung and horse
  • Separation anxiety issues
  • Looking out of window and barking at passers-by or TV
  • Persistent barking issues in garden
  • Refusal to walk on walks or near roads
  • Chasing of shadows and reflections

A dogs age can expand behaviour problems

Certainly a list isn’t it! If you compare that against my puppy 121, you get the realisation on how a dog’s age can produce many different problems. Don’t leave unwanted behaviours brewing!

However let’s have a look at a case study, to protect the identity of the family I am going to use an alias name of the Smith family

Do puppy problems come to a natural end

The Smith family decided that their puppy problems would subsequently come to an end. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. The Smith family are not alone with this thinking, in other words its good you are seeking action now to tackle your unwanted dog behaviours. This challenging dog owning phase can throw up the most unusual and out of the blue dog behaviours you thought were not in a dog’s armoury. The key is not resting on them.

The dogs law applies to us all

Above all the Smith family hadn’t considered the dog’s law! There is no exemptions for anyone including dog behaviourists or trainers. The Smiths had adopted a way of dog owning around the dog, this had become the norm. The Smith family are back on track now after seeking out my help.

The Smiths highlighted that they had discussions around  re-homing the dog.  However they wanted to ensure they had tried everything they could to resolve their issues with the dog first.

In conclusion, I encourage you to seek professional help and sooner than later.

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