Want to get it right from the start? Avoid the unexpected stress that can come with a new puppy?

7 – 16 weeks is the critical learning stage for any dog. What you do at this age will heavily influence your dog’s future behaviour.

The complete puppy package covers all areas of puppy ownership, including anything you might be having problems with (more than 2 problem areas). We’ll look at everything you are doing, what you’re getting right and what not to do! More importantly I’ll identify any potential problems you might not have noticed and give you advice on them so you can nip them in the bud.

This is a comprehensive home 121 visit.

This service is ideal for anyone who is a first time dog owner, or just wants to get it right from the start!

  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Howling or whining at night time
  • Chewing household objects

  • Toileting in the house

  • Uncontrollable energy spurts

  • Not interested in the toys you have bought

  • Unable to settle in crate
  • Fussy eater
  • Play turning into biting

  • Persistently following a member of the family around.

  • Check your crate setup

  • Halting on walks

  • Prevention of future behavioural problems

  • Busting the myths on what you should / shouldn’t be doing

I have helped many puppy owners

I have helped many puppy owners with a puppy 121 during my 14 years as a dog behaviourist. Helping them to get through the puppy stage as smoothly as possible. Reducing  the stress, anxiety and tiredness too.

Don’t feel alone with your puppy’s behaviours

You’re not alone in experiencing these types of puppy behaviours. You might be having all sorts of unexpected problems. Or you might be fortunate and only have a couple of areas that you need some help with. I can help, no matter what the puppy problem is.

Let me share the typical journey to contacting me

Imagine a typical family who buy a puppy. Let’s call them the Smiths.

The Smiths find a breeder, and confirm their interest in a puppy. The breeder is some distance away and collecting the puppy requires a whole day of travelling there and back. The family are excited about their new addition, although in the back of Mr Smith’s mind are concerns about the level of commitment. Is everyone going to keep their promises about looking after this dog? They set off, and return some hours later with their lovely puppy.

Reality kicks in

The Smiths are delighted with their new arrival. But things are starting to change and the reality of what they’ve committed to is kicking in.

They are being woken by the sounds of a whimpering puppy. They’re cleaning up lots of little toilet accidents. They notice their puppy becoming more energised, and getting up to mischief. Little behaviours that they don’t really like but aren’t sure how to deal with. Their puppy is exploring everything by licking and chewing – especially anything wooden. Mrs Smith has tasked family members with taking it in to turns to supervise. The puppy is loving all this attention and thinking what fun it all is! At times, there is a squeal from one of the children when a nip happens again. In fact the nipping is becoming the main issue.

Separation anxiety is created mostly at puppy stage

Mrs Smith has noticed that the puppy follows her around the house like a shadow. At first she doesn’t mind – it’s cute and he’s nice company. But then he starts to whine and whimper when she leaves the room.

Mrs Smith’s level of emotion starts to rise when the puppy even cries when she is in the bathroom. She realises that she can’t leave him for a minute, and if she does, she feels guilty.

Well intended advice doesn’t always help

The Smiths are trying everything and anything to make the situation better and get control of their puppy. They’re talking to friends. They’re searching ‘puppy problems’ on the internet. The information is overwhelming and at times conflicting. They’re starting to feel frazzled.

It doesn’t have to be like this

If you are a first time puppy owner, one of the best things you can do for your dog is get professional advice from the start. It could save you stress, problems and more issues and expense down the line. Above all, it will help you to have the relationship, experiences and fun you want with your dog!

My complete puppy guide session will set you and your pup up for success.

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