Dog separation anxiety is where a dog cannot bare to be left by its owner or human pack through feeling abandoned. The obvious indicator for this is being informed from your neighbour on your return that your dog is barking when left (neurotic extrovert.) This just isn’t pleasant to hear and can immensely make you feel guilty leaving your dog the next time.

Silent sufferers are just as stressed according to research

Not all anxiety dogs will display barking, some are silent sufferers (neurotic introverts.) However there will be indicators still communicated from the dog that they are not comfortably with being left. Research has proven that silent sufferers are just as stressed as extroverts (dog displaying its stress levels) In both cases a dog will often follow a human around the home residing outside the bathroom until you return as one example!

Erratic behaviours fall into this category

Also falling into this category are dogs that display out of character behaviours that seem to have no trigger responses. Even refusing to walk past objects, or have other phobia type tenderness’s towards flooring, refusing to enter the car, motor home or other vehicle. Where you cant find the answer we will more than likely will.