This is the perfect opportunity to prevent, train and bond

Nipping-mouthing-chewing and whining behaviours escalating?

Training puppies has to be different from dog training. The methods I teach encourage good obedience, stopping of nipping and mouthing on command. Preparing your puppy for loneliness (separation anxiety). And setting the foundations for adolescents, which starts around 24 weeks, and onwards.

Learning the correct methods is so important, so a dog wont display fear aggression later or become boisterous, inattentive or anxious. Instilling the correct boundaries and training now will help to promote a balanced dog later.

You will have your list of concerns, but I will also cover

  • House toilet training
  • Adjusting to its new environment
  • Chewing and destructive behaviours
  • Creating conditioned behaviours
  • Tips for keeping consistency
  • How environments can cause problems
  • Sleep (how important and how to get a peaceful night as a owner)
  • Send to bed

The first 14 months of a dogs life is the most important

When I walk around parks, streets or other locations I observe so many dogs displaying behaviours that were preventable now. Most owners are all too often misinterpreting there dogs behaviour. That is why I will include advice on,

  • Body postures-what they mean
  • Recognizing behaviours and know what to do
  • Myths
  • Recognizing unsociable dogs
  • Prevention of dog behaviours later (food aggression being one)
  • Importance of puppy attending puppy classes

Michelle Low

Hi Chris Just to say a huge thank you after our one to one consultation with Chakra our Westie puppy. Your advice and demonstrations helped us so much, especially with the bins and noises. She is a different puppy and learning fast. We loved the puppy classes too as she got so much more socialisation than just walking with us!
We recommend you to all our ‘doggie’ friends:) Michelle & Leata.

Its crucial your puppy socialises

Exposing your puppy to everyday sounds, visuals and humans is essential. But the one big difference between this 121 and my puppy classes is off lead socialisation, which is vital to help build a puppy’s confidence and gathering of canine communication skills.