Professional, fun and effective puppy training classes Northampton

Because your puppy deserves the best!

Professional puppy socialisation classes situated in Northampton at the facility of Hardingstone village Hall.

Dates and times

Starting Friday 27th September –Induction evening 19:40 – 21:30 location as below. (without your puppy) If you can’t attend this you can still enrol onto the classes, which you can do here

Class time is 10am-11am – Sunday 6th, 13th, 20th, October

Class time is 13hrs -14hrs – Sunday 27th October


Hardingstone Village Hall

5 star rated from previous puppy owners!

My training puppy classes are a sought after training class for puppies. That is why we ask for payment up front to secure your place, and limited the class size to 8 puppies!


Hi chris, we wanted to say thankyou for the fantastic puppy classes! Buddy is such a clever dog now and we feel its all down to the classes and the knowledge you have shared with us, it has helped and it is still helping us and Buddy! Thank you!!

Access the most advanced puppy training techniques and essential socialisation!

When you sign up you will be able to access the most up to date techniques in training and solutions in puppy behaviours. I focus on owners as well as the puppies. All the basic obedience training covered, with off lead puppy socialisation that is crucial to prevent fear aggression later at the start of the class.

learn what actions to take when your puppy becomes naughty

This course is not only the foundation to the future of your puppies life, it will also help get your puppy responding to you more. My puppy classes will help you gain an understanding of responsible dog ownership and psychology of the puppy training, giving you the understanding what to do when your puppy performs unwanted puppy behaviours too. See puppy training advice seminar

Understand valuable daily routines to prevent undesirable dog behaviours later in life! (without puppies)

learn valuable routines you can do perform daily to prevent unwanted dog behaviours later in life. The induction evening lasts around 2 1/2 hours and the format allows time  for questions. All family members are welcome. Guest speakers like Rachel from Oscars often attend to give nutrition advice, along with other outside companies at times.

Puppies under, or around 24 weeks can enrol.

Once your puppy has permission from a vet to socialise and go for walks you can start puppy training classes. We do have a age cut off and that is 24weeks. The reason for this is, a dog after 6 months is a adolescent until they reach maturity around 12-14 months. Unlike other classes available we adhere to this because exposing your puppy to older dogs could do more harm than good at this crucial learning age.

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