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Easy to follow techniques for a better behaved obedient dog


Fully accreditation achieved with the 'Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training'


(Module 4005) Professional Instructors Skills and Management

(Module CFBA 4102) Common Canine Behaviour Problems

(Module CFBA 5002) Advanced Dog on Dog Aggression

Cerificates can be produced on request


I have successively stopped and corrected behaviours like;


  • Dog aggression
  • Dog Separation anxiety
  • Recall problems
  • Visitor control
  • Hyper active issues
  • Loose lead walking
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Excessive barking
  • Sound and sight Phobias
  • Fear issues


My approach to dog behaviour is the same for puppy training! Gently, effective, rewarding and provides solutions that dog owners crave. The key is communication and signalling to your dog that you are the leader of the pack and not the dog through a series of cues and using my unique industry proven techniques. What will follow is a dog that is calm, responsive, well behaved and obedient. Above all, stress FREE and not a decision maker. I ensure that my philosophy is conveyed in all areas of our dog training services which are, puppy training classes, puppy playgroup, solutions for on the walk, common dog problems in the home, and our most favoured complete pack leader. I have even crammed it all into our online service treatment plans.

walking with storm and kasper


My methods are unique and distinguished from other dog trainers, or behaviourist in that I don't have a reactive approach  ie; just dealing with a highlighted problem. I know that you have to deal the core issues as well, like trust and leadership.  I have also developed my own unique ways and compiled a "Canine Leadership programme" that when followed can make a difference in all areas of dog and puppy owning. Allowing owners to see the true character and personality of their dogs. But above giving the needed solutions. I have also


  • Completed studies with the "Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training
  • Fully insured with Clivertons
  • Comply with any animal welfare act


sit and stay


  • Your dog will be less stressful using my unique techniques
  • Your dog will be easier to control in any situation
  • Your dog will obey your commands for dog recall and other dog owning areas
  • Your dog will be more trustworthy
  • Understand its position within the pack which every dog craves


Results can come quickly following my unique methods and leadership programme. This means you probably won't require a follow up like many of my existing clients. This is all down to following the simple steps I provide and techniques to eliminate unwanted dog behaviours.


All my unique methods and tailored treatment plans don't include any harming techniques and definitely don't include;


  • No pinning down techniques
  • No water sprays
  • No prong collars
  • No electric collars
  • No shouting


Dog training Northampton would also like you to know that  it is run and owned by Chris Rose Dog Whisperer


  • I only select and use top venues to hold our classes in or outdoor events
  • I offer lifetime support with all our dog training services
  • I provide handouts to aide dog training
  • I work alongside vets, groomers and other industry related services
  • I contribute to radio (BBC radio Northampton)

walking away