Info Puppy class

This is my puppy training class content which I cover over a 4 week timetable. There is more information about the puppy socialisation classes like the age cut off, who can attend and what to expect here. You can also find information on the puppy behaviour advice seminar

Equipment and essentials for starting the puppy classes.

1) Puppy has suitable collar, lead or other setup with ID tag (No flexi leads allowed)
2) Handler provides suitable food treats and puppy safe toy
3) Handler to provide poop bags

Hygiene and puppy identification

It is essential that puppy owners demonstrate throughout the course the essential requirement of cleanliness by carrying poop and scoop bags. You can dispose these in the bin situated away from the hall near car park entrance. Cleaning products are available at all times during classes.

Puppy socialisation  (10mins at the start of the class)

We monitor puppies during off lead socialisation. Its common to observe slight shyness, minor fear and playful growling, and hiding during this part of training class. I will provide advice and guidance to the class on any relevant puppy socialisation behaviours.

Puppy responds to his or her name

If a puppy ignores their name this could increase your frustrations when trying to gain your puppies attention for training.

Taking food or treat from your hand

The handler will present a treat for the puppy to take. The puppy should not snatch at the food. Alternative training techniques will be shown on how to stop snatching.

Demonstration of obedience positions

I will demonstrate on how to perform basic obedience positions with your puppy.

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay

Introduction to loose lead walking

Demonstration by me on how to start performing loose lead walking with your puppy. Sharing my top tips and how to avoid walking to heel problems. Puppy owners will start to perform training putting put into practise the techniques shown to train their puppy in loose lead.

Stay for 15 seconds

Adopting any basic obedience position, the puppy should stay for 15 seconds. It is acceptable that the puppy change to a different position during the stay, but it isn’t acceptable for the puppy to walk away from the stay.

Puppy health check

The ability to examine your puppy for any injury or health problem is a vital daily responsibility. Puppy owners will demonstrate they are able to examine the puppy without any signs of extreme aggression or fear using my puppy training techniques.

Foundation to recall

Performed at a short distance of a few paces away from the puppy, the handler will be taught on how to start the foundation to the recall. Appropriate encouragement and timing of rewards including hand signals will be taught. Other exercises included are to  help demonstrate what you puppy might do if let off the lead and what you can do to achieve a affective dog recall.  

How to overcome a non interested puppy

I will demonstrate how to get your puppy calm during training activities should they become over excited. This will help you to achieve quality puppy training sessions either in a class environment or at home. 

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