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Run by Expert canine behaviourist and dog trainer Chris Rose Dog whisperer

This is my professional canine consultancy service, focussing on owners as well as the daily unique challenges dog owning can bring. I cover all behaviours and training needs from puppy to adult dog. I help owners to keep their dogs behaviour on the right side of the law, but more importantly how to become a well behaved, happy dog.

Professional help from a leading expert

I am the principle owner of Dog Training Northampton, which is one of the UK’s leading expert dog training companies in dog behaviour problems and dog training. Over the years my client base has grew because of my achievements in solving dog behaviour problems. Which in turn has led to a significant amount of recommendation’s through out the whole of the UK. My services are fully insured with pet plan.

learn what your dog is communicating through its body language and habits

All my clients can be rest assured that my learning has been acquired through a professional body in the field of dog behaviour and training (CIDBT) The methods I use for dog training are ethical, modern and as natural as possible to encourage good behaviour and high dog training obedience levels.

Encourage good behaviour what ever the location!

My services are conducted in your home, park or other locations to help solve your dogs behaviour problems. Professional evaluations in real life occurrences. I also believe in hands on dog training methods including full explanations as to why your dog is doing the things it is.

Bookings are easy to make

Making a booking is easy, you can contact me using the online contact form, or alternatively phone on 07917164402. Often you will receive a swift response as I appreciate your dog behaviour problems/training needs may need urgent attention!

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