Tess is a border collie who is just under a year of age. The behaviours that Tess was exhibiting was putting a slight stress on the household and causing some concerns to friends and family attending this family home set in Maidford in Northamptonshire.  Now collies are high energy breed who exhibit herding traits, and its when attention seeking behaviours get backed up with this breeds strong herding behaviour that these behaviours can all be to much for the owners to know to correct and extinguish.

One behaviour that Tess was starting to increase her intensity with was a jumping onto the back of her owner when her back was turned to the dog and nipping at ankles. Other behaviours was jumping onto the dining room table and the tendency to creep upstairs where Tess was not allowed, oh dear.

When I walked through the front door it took me by surprise the intensity on how Tess wrapped her self around my leg.  Part of me did find it slightly funny, but I also knew the seriousness of this behaviour and the potential for it to increase. I had to instantly get to work and establish my leadership over this dog if I was going to have any chance of helping with the rest of this dogs problems!Normally I would at least like to be able to introduce myself to the client, but I multi tasked and corrected this behaviour as the introductions were taking place. I quickly assessed Tess temperament and she was displaying to me, a dog that had quickly intensified her behaviours for the rewards for doing so.  She showed a highly intelligent look in her eye which gave me hope that the behaviours could easily be turned around if her owners followed to the book my treatment plan. 

During the consultation Tess was let outside and this allowed me to observe her behaviours in the garden. BINGO..! Tess jumped up onto a table in the garden to view a naturalstimulus from high ground and this behaviour had manifested from Tess instinctive drive to observe the sheep in the field adjacent to the property. Now dogs can think like what we do, so to Tess a table meant a highly satisfying and rewarding experience, and the way the family were trying to correct this behaviour was only enforcing this behaviour.

Tess is new rules and boundaries was about introducing mental stimulation and correct unwanted behaviours in a way Tess would not see the corrections as rewarding, all natural techniques. This consultation was a joy to conduct and now I can follow Tess progression and continue to help and support this family because Tess is now attending my puppy training classes based in Northampton.