Help! My Dog Is....

learn the essential dog training techniques for controlling your dog on a walk and recalling back to you. If your dog exhibiting behaviours like these though:

  • Lunging towards other dogs
  • Barking on sight of dogs
  • Hackles raised
  • Fearful or anxiousness behaviours

These are some of the indicators that your dog has more deep seated issues other than just a loose lead or dog recall training problem. These will require professional and expert guidance from me (Chris Rose) and training before your dog will loose lead or come running back when called!

Every owner wants their dog to heel!

A enjoyable dog walk is your dog walking by your side without pulling your arm off. Or having to use force to control your dog, with constant ‘jerks to heel’ techniques. It could be your equipment is not suitable for your breed. I cover loose lead training in my adolescent and adult training class. As long as your dog is good with other dogs you can enrol onto the class. 

And come back on command!

Dog recall problems can leave owners feeling frustrated. At the end of a dog walk you can spend any amount of time calling your dog back to you without as much of a recall. These sound familiar!

  • Shouting
  • Lots of arm waving
  • Running and hiding
  • Telling the dog you will leave them at the park
  • Bribing with lots of treats at arms length

These two areas of dog obedience are the core to dog owning,  most  dog breeds can achieve high standards in loose lead and recall by conducting regular training sessions from puppy stage onto the first year of your dogs life. Its not too late though.

If dog training classes are not for you then a professional 121 dog training lesson with me could turn this all around.

Factors that will affect a poor dog recall:

  • Chasing habits
  • Goes seeking out dung and poo
  • Not enough dog training in this area
  • Reactions to other dogs