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roloterrierHi Chris. I’ve just been reading your case examples & testimonials and hope you can please help with our 1.5 year old pup/dog (Rolo).
He is a Jack Russell X Norfolk/Cairn Terrier and we acquired him at the same time as our mini JRT, Scruffy (same breeder, 12 & 8 weeks old respectively). Both dogs are very loving and (reasonably) calm & well-behaved in the house.
Rolo, however, exhibits really challenging behaviour outside of it. If we let him into the back garden for a wee, he immediately begins barking frantically and haring around all the fences and borders. If there is the slightest noise from a neighbour, he goes absolutely crazy – barking and springing about. No commands work when he’s in this state.
Walks are also really challenging. He often pulls on the lead, barks for no apparent reason and goes crazy when he spots another dog – barking and pulling to get at them. He is well exercised every day and (since the very beginning) has enjoyed off-leash time in the fields and parks around our home. Unlike Scruffy, who will happily greet other dogs and play chase etc., Rolo gets very anxious and either charges towards them barking OR greets them briefly and then snaps at them. As time has gone on, we have taken to putting his lead on in anticipation of meeting other dogs. Despite my husband saying he’ll calm down with age etc. I think we could use some help with him now! He’s such a loving dog and it would be great if we could stop this Jekyll & Hyde aggression, which seems to be driven by fear/protection.


I Had A Lot To Contend With

As you can see from the original email Rolo had a lot going on. We arranged for a dog 121 behaviour consultation and I will never forget my first greeting with Rolo!