Looking for professional puppy classes in Northampton?

Please read all of this article. taking note of the times and dates for the classes. All breeds of puppies welcome.

Dates and times

Wednesday 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th August 19hrs-20hrs

Hardingstone Village Hall

The facilities and setup for classes

There is provision for several car parking slots, including for disabilities. The garden area is secure to prevent any puppies escaping. This is a outdoor class!

5 star rated from previous puppy owners!

My training puppy classes are a sought after training class for puppies in Northamptonshire. That is why we ask for payment up front to secure your place.


Hi chris, we wanted to say thankyou for the fantastic puppy classes! Buddy is such a clever dog now and we feel its all down to the classes and the knowledge you shared with us to understand Buddy, and its still helping! Thank you!

Don’t under estimate your puppy’s need for socialisation

The most important exercise we carry out is socialisation to sounds and other puppies and dog. The most crucial time for learning canine communication to other dogs is around 7 weeks to 16 weeks of age, known as the human socialisation period. The socialisation will be carried in accordance with social distancing.

What you can achieve and gain from my classes

This course is not only the foundation to the future of your puppy’s life, it will also help get your puppy responding to you more. My puppy classes will help you gain an understanding of responsible dog ownership and psychology of the puppy training, giving you the best understanding what to do when your puppy performs unwanted puppy behaviours too.


Once your puppy has permission from a vet to socialise and go for walks you can start puppy training classes. The cut off age is 30 weeks. The reason for this is, a dog starts to enter adolescent, averagely then mature around 11-14 months. Unlike other classes available we adhere to this because exposing your puppy to older dogs could do more harm than good at this crucial learning age.

What the classes will cover

  • Attentive response to name
  • Play with owner
  • Socialisation
  • Noise exposure at distance to revel sound sensitivity
  • Introduction to strange human
  • Introduction to placid dog to assess sociability to other dogs
  • Handling and Inspection to Maintain Health
  • Puppy Recall
  • Basic Puppy Positions – sit , down, stand
  • Walking in a Controlled Manner – On lead walking for 20 paces with a turn
  • Stay for Approximately Ten Seconds
  • Take Article Away from the Puppy
  • Food Manners

Why these classes standout and rated 5star

  • Induction and puppy behaviour evening covering many topics like find out here
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Toilet training
  • Hands on demonstrations
  • Accredited qualifications
  • Classes taken by Chris Rose
  • Clicker based training
  • Excellent facility with parking
  • Accredited with kennel club GCDS
  • First aide facilities
  • Family friendly (children included)
  • More than just a foundation level in puppy training

New! 30min video calling service to help address specific puppy behaviour problems you may have

I cover subjects to help with those puppy problems and information on the classes themselves. However sometimes chatting away from the class about your specific behaviour issues can be more beneficial. This video call service is included in the price It’s a personal choice, but must be booked during the block of classes.

How big are the group sizes?

Providing puppy training classes for several years, I discovered that to deliver a quality standout puppy training class in Northampton, the maximum size of the class will be 8 puppies.

Can the family attend?

I welcome all the family to attend, as long as its within government guidelines due to COVID19. If you think your child could impact on the class with their behaviour then please consider not to bring them. Thank you.

Can I use a harness? Flexi lead? What other training equipment ?

The use of harnesses is acceptable, but no flexi leads please. I encourage you to purchase a treat bag and to use quality treats to reinforce wanted obedience.

Head harnesses are also permissible during classes, I can recommend one to you during the equipment check as part of the classes.

Please remember by law dogs must wear a collar, with a ID tag attached to it. With the right relevant information. 

Please bring a toy for your dog

There will be time for a short play session, so please bring a toy. This training is assessable on how your puppy releases the item in a group exercise.

Demonstrating good dog ownership

It’s important that owners demonstrate this by clearing up any toilet occurrences during classes. Please bring poo bags as required by law and dispose of them accordingly away from the venue. There is a purpose dog bin close to the facilities just outside the car park to dispose of toilets before you head home.

Started training and need some tips now?

Would you some top tips for training your puppy then please then have read of my ‘top tips for obedience training’ But when it comes to puppy training please be aware for the need of patience and short training sessions.


To help you with the support of training your puppies you can access

  • 30min video call service
  • Codes to unlisted YouTube videos
  • Advice throughout the classes