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Sharing my top tips and training techniques for getting you through puppy stage, especially those naughty puppy habits. Plus how to prevent dog problems later!

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The hall we hire has top facilities and car parking, making, it easy for all the family to attend especially as the hall is accessible from all parts of Northamptonshire.

All the family welcome

We also cater for physically impaired, or wheel chair users as well. Please contact us with any concerns. All the family are welcome to attend including children (if you think they would benefit and old enough). We provide seating to help provide comfort during seminar. We also take a break where tea and coffee is provided half way through (including chocolate biscuits)

learn essential tip’s and advice for training and preventing behaviours

Puppy training and behaviour advice (seminar) is a opportunity to learn and gain insight into a puppies mind. This seminar based learning enables any puppy owner to access the variety of essential knowledge, professional tips to get them through the first few months of their puppies life going into adolescents then onto being a adult dog. Attending this seminar will perfectly supplement any puppy training course being attended and especially if you are first time puppy owners.

Payment detail

No need to pay if you have enrolled on my next puppy classes. Otherwise you pay on the night £15.

Seminar is conducted in a relax manner

The idea of the seminar is enable puppy owners attending our classes or others to freely ask questions in a relaxed manner about concerns of their puppies behaviour and training areas like nipping as an example, without feeling like they are imposing on time at the end of a puppy training class.

During the seminar fordable time has been allocated for puppy owners to express their concerns, to maybe realise they are not alone with some of the puppy behaviours they are experiencing. And in a relaxed manner receive professional advice, solutions and training tips that will help owners feel more confident in dealing with certain situations and problems that their puppy is displaying.

You may find it beneficial to bring something to write on and we don’t allow any filming of this event without prior consent from Chris Rose. Thank you.

First half of the puppy training advice seminar will cover

  • Dealing with nipping successfully
  • Sleeping through the night (you and the puppy)
  • How to use a dog crate correctly
  • Conquering those puppy toilet issues once and for all
  • Children and puppies
  • Affection (when is the right time and what too much can cause!)
  • Dog food (How it could be affecting your puppies behaviour)
  • Time for questions

Second half

  • Dealing with spurts of energy the correct way
  • Prevention of dog separation anxiety
  • Myth busting (internet and forum nonsense that doesn’t work)
  • Real puppy cases (will your puppy out grow those problems!)
  • Common mistakes around letting puppies wonder the garden
  • What does your puppy really want now for socialisation!
  • Time for questions

Often through the seminar questions will be asked! This will sometimes bring up subjects maybe not listed, don’t worry as we have factored enough time into the seminar to cover these points. We encourage owners to get interactive and ask questions where possible.

Venue for the seminar

Hardingstone village hall
High Street

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