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harrystaffieThe date was Sunday the 16th June 2014 the location of the 121 personalised consultation was Duston in Northampton. I was visiting a puppy, and as always I was really looking forward to helping another dog become balanced.


The call came from a lady who had just taken in a re-homed staffie. Although this family was used to the breed very well having owned previous staffies in the past, a dog problem had set in when Harry was left for any periods, his behaviour switched to anxiety and barking followed, this was also true when he was left in the car for any amount of time. Separation anxiety in dogs is especially heartbreaking to hear and a lot of rescue dogs have some form of anxiety. So I assessed the family in their departures and then assessed Harry while they had gone. We then worked through a specific treatment plan for the family to work on to help deal with Harry’s dog separation anxiety.

harry1Lots of different scenarios were played out, so I could get a true picture of the root to Harry’s anxieties. Dealing with dog or puppies anxiety can be complex, there are numerous trigger points and signals that can start the process of anxiety whey before you leave. So these types of consultations need a trained eye and a good in-depth knowledge of dog separation anxiety to know what to look for and how to go about resolving it. There are some simple stuff you can do, although to help try and overcome your dog of this stressful state. Tire your dog before leaving them, don’t make a big issue of leaving, leave a radio or TV on whilst you are away, draw curtains and leave some chews for your dog. You can access my online treatment plans to cure dog separation anxiety and more, starting from £18.75 for a year. Click here to find out more. Or alternatively if you think you need help with a dog that you suspect has dog separation anxiety then please call me now on 07917164402, don’t delay in getting the right professional help for your dog.

The training package that was quoted for and booked, by Harrys owners was “home pack leader” Click the links to access more of my competitive dog training services I offer. “Lead the walk” “complete pack leader” “raising the perfect puppy”

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