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The date was Sunday the 21st June 2014 the location of the 121 personalised consultation was in Upton near Duston in Northampton. I was visiting a puppy, called Stanley. First time dog owners wanted professional advice on what not to do with raising Stanley so he becomes a well socialised and balanced dog.


Stanley’s owners were first time dog owners who had brought Stanley from a breeder when he was 7 weeks old. Stanley is a French bulldog which is a companion breed dog, who were used to keep ladies in the cotton industry company. To this day they are still companion dogs, but with a slight stubborn attitude. Stanley lives in a town style house with his own place to stay downstairs when the family go out, the garden is relatively small and backs onto a car park area. The family wanted general advice on how to raise Stanley properly and how to avoid dog problems later in his life. They also wanted help with Stanley’s recall and keeping Keeping more focus whilst out dog walking. This is something I can help puppy owners with, especially getting it right from the start.

stanley2First we had a chat about the environment Stanley was left in when his owners went out, but more importantly on how to prevent Stanley from getting dog separation anxiety Later in his life. When you are puppy owners you have agreat opportunity to give your dog the skills on how to cope with being left, critical these days because we seem to be working longer hours per day. We implemented my puppy programme, and I am confident that when Stanley is left he will be stress free. We talked about the rules and boundaries for Stanley and although there was some really good consistencies being carried out for Stanley, I however did spot some key areas that could be improved. Without me having seen Stanley in his home environment I wouldn’t have spotted these and it could have led onto dog behaviour problems later on. Seeing the environment where the dog is kept is one part that is crucial for helping me extinguish or preventing problems now or later.

Next was the puppy walk and obedience training, focussing on the above areas required looking at. It was a hot day and this had to be considered as one of the downfalls to owning a dog breed like Stanley in that they can have breathing difficulties which when taking them out in hot conditions can make them overheat quickly and in extreme cases even death! We took plenty of water and took a trip to the local park. We worked on a structured dog walk to keep Stanley’s focus on his owners, this incorporated plenty of play and loose lead training “the Chris Rose way” We worked on recall training and the essentials skills for stopping unwanted behaviour coming out on future dog walks, prevention is better than cure. We had a great puppy training session with all the family involved.

stanley3Need help with your puppies training, looking for puppy or dog training classes? What ever your needs seeking help from a professional like me can help. My services are very competitive and come FREE with classes if you book a 121.

The training package that was quoted for and booked, by Stanleys owners was “raising the perfect puppy” Click the links to access more of my competitive dog training services I offer. “Lead the walk” “complete pack leader” “home pack leader”

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