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jasperThe date was Sunday the 15th June 2014 the location of the 121 personalised consultation was Central, Northampton. I was visiting a puppy, and as always I was really looking forward to helping another dog become balanced.


I received a telephone call to help a puppy with some puppy behaviour problems. The owners were first time dog owners and wanted to get it right from the start. I must state that the family already attended my puppy training classes which are held in Northampton, and although they had gained a lot of information from attending my classes, they felt they could with some extra support in the way of a 121. They wanted to get it right, and it was joy to find out that when I turned up, the whole family was there.

jasper1Puppy consultations have to be flexible, why? Well because it all depends on the time of the day and wether the puppy is active or sleeping, however meeting Jasper in his home environment I soon discovered that we could work on preventive measures straight away as Jasper was fully awake and alert. Jasper is a mini schnauzer and has just turned 15 weeks at the time of writing this. We spoke about how to prevent nipping and mouthing, separation anxiety and lots more that comes with my “raising the perfect puppy” training package. I know what puppies do the things they do and I know intently how to raise a puppy without getting dog behaviour problems later. We steadily made our way through the programme addressing any issue that came up. Jasper responded as with all the puppies help with, instantly. We went for a walk so I could advise and demonstrate on how to stop a Jasper from locking down and refusing to walk any more. We talked about socialisation and lots of other key areas connected with the walk.

The training package that was quoted for and booked, by Jaspers owners was “raising the perfect puppy” Click the links to access more of my competitive dog training services I offer. “Lead the walk” “Home pack leader” “raising the perfect puppy”

I then received this update

Great training, gave us some real food for thought and helped us to know what we were doing wrong – however inadvertently. Looking forward to putting some of these techniques into practise. Chris answered all our questions and really gave us some things to look forward to.

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