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The date was Sunday the 24th June 2014 the location of the 121 personalised consultation was in Burton latimer, Kettering. I was visiting a pack of dogs Stanley 3yrs, Bertie 1yrs, Lula 2.5yrs, Oly 2.5yrs. The owner was experiencing problems with visitors, workman and other persons visiting the property. When owning a pack of dogs the way you interact has to be so observant and responsive because any discrepancies will be easy pounced upon by the dogs, and that can lead to a unbalanced pack. I own a pack a dogs which allows me to study and understand the dynamics or pack structure.


Upon arriving to the house which was situated some distance down a long gravel road, I didn’t hear any dogs vocalising as I got out the van, this was a good start, well so I thought! I walked up to the front door and gave a loud knock, a over zealous one because I wanted to hear the reaction from the door being knocked. There was a slight bark and the owner came and opened the door. I stepped into a slightly large hall area and then as the owner greeted me to go inside, the barks echoed through the house. I thought I was going to be greeted by a pack of large dogs, but oh no I was greeted instead by 4 terriers, all named above. Again I walked into a large kitchen area with its own mini lounge area and with every slight movement I did I was greeted again with barking, standing up was too and along with any slight hand gesture. Upon entering this space I quickly pointed out the two main dogs which was heading up the barking, so I worked with these two in particular.

Me and the owner worked through hands on demonstrations on dampening down the trigger points, in particular to the owner and the use of her voice, this was encouraging the dogs to react at times, body language and other techniques pursued. I became the visitor and the owner played out greeting me into the property, we worked through what worked and what didn’t. That’s why I have a few training techniques for every situation to work too, because what works for one dog may not work for the other or the owner. We achieved great success I was banging the door, ringing the doorbell and entering the house, the dogs were being rewarded for their good behaviour which is crucial for encouraging the wanted behaviour.

packofdogs1It was now time to take a walk through the village to assess the dogs walking within a pack. the walk went really well, again with the owner pointing out that at occasions the dogs would of reacted to stimulus’s on the walk, however we had a really pleasant walk and overall I was pleased how this personalised consultation went. We returned to the house.

As the consultation was drawing to an end a friend of the family entered the kitchen and immediately noticed a change in the dogs behaviour, he described how the dogs would of reacted to him. Again in such a short period of time the changes in dogs were apparent. I am really looking forward to the follow to up this case.

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