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rope slip lead my outlookI am finding it incredibly distressing to keep seeing dogs especially in Northampton having a rope slip lead converted from its original use into a figure of eight. The material of the rope can heavily imbed into a dogs nose, and with prolonged use can cause friction burns and hair loss to the dog from the material used in the rope, which can only cause discomfort for any dog. The make up of the rope and it’s thickness can impact on a dogs vision as it’s rides up the dogs nose toward the eyes.


Putting this setup onto a stressed dog can make matters worse because of the impact it has on the sight of the dog. And this is why some dog trainers use this setup to give a dog owner the illusion all is fine with their dog because all they have done have actually made the dog feel vulnerable making its focus on other surroundings and stimulus’s shrink with the feeling of insecurity. This will be backed up as well by the sheer amount of force that can be applied and on some dogs from the setup making a dogs mouth shut restricting vital air that is needed to cool the dog to be prevented. The dog is then forced to use its nose only for breathing again slowing the metabolic rate down and giving a false impression your dog has miraculously got over the behaviour problems it had. If only dog rehab was as easy as this!

You only have to place a finger on your own nose and slide it up to get to feel what it might be like for a dog and it’s vision. But still there are many dog owners trusting the recommendation of using such equipment without questioning the negative impact it can have on a dog. When some rope slip leads get wet in the rain, they become stiff and hard and unwittingly you then place this setup on a dog the next day with added tightness from the drying out results of the lead getting wet.

The sight of these dogs walking round also can give the wrong impression to other people and dog owners that they are problem dogs. And because rope slip leads come in array of colours this catches people’s eye and can mis lead them to making their own interpretations about the dog they are seeing in front of them. In my opinion it actually looks horrid on a dog, stopping any person seeing the dog for its true worth!

You can argue that this setup can give you excellent control over your dog, and it’s for this reason I recommend the original and patented version. the flat material doesn’t impact on your dog like a rope slip lead and their website provides full video tutorial to aide dog owners to convert to the setup, gradually. All equipment used for dogs is there to aide you and give the restraint when needed, not to be relied upon by its powerful and restricted setup to stop a dog from pulling forcefully making a dogs behaviour disappear.

How about we actually spend value time training our dogs to heel, putting some time and effort in so your dog understands what is required and where they should be walking, if a lot of dog owners did this they would be able to use a much more suitable setup for their dogs instead of quick fixes that would seem a few so called dog behaviourists recommend. Also work on the behaviours with a proper leadership programme, not just suppressing the problem with a setup blue peter would be proud of!

Dog lead setups don’t quick fix dog behaviours and I know that this is fast becoming a selling point of some dog trainers, the rope slip lead has become a victim of this. Finding the triggers to your dogs behaviour is the start, not a restricted makeshift lead setup. Time and patience is required, applying situations for a dog to adjust to and get their confidence in, is what should happen. Any good dog behaviourist or trainer should know this, but instead their are a few that want to supply you with a quick fix and illusion of magically transforming your dog!

If you are using the setup I have mentioned in this article you don’t have to take on board my own personal take of the mis use of a rope slip lead makeup, but take it from me as a dog whisperer there are far better ways of getting your dog not to react to other dogs, there are also far better ways of training your dog in loose lead walking. I challenge any dog trainer to justify there use of the rope slip lead in a figure of eight configuration and why they continue to pursue their use in the way they modify it.