1-2-1 Casesrico

ricoThis took me right back to my roots this consultation. Why? well I was going to Duston, the place where I grew up and know so well. For those who are not sure where Duston is, it is situated near six fields in Northampton.

I pulled up knocked the door, always my favourite bit as I can tell a lot from a dogs bark. The door opened by one of Rico’s owners. No sign of the dog, or the puppy yet! I entered straight into the living room space and was confronted with a very unsure dog, who gave me some growls, but I could tell by this dogs postures he wouldn’t go straight for any bite towards me. He sniffed me, allowed me to enter and then the consultation started. I didn’t want to work with this dog straight away because I wanted to carry out some other intensive exercises to determine how ingrained, and how bad Rico’s behaviours had got.


At One Point Rico Growled At Me

At one point I was left with Rico, I gave it a short while then tried to call him to me, all part of the assessment! He approached then growled and at the same time one of his owners returned, and for a split second didn’t get recognised them and gave out a growl. This wasn’t good nor was it balance!

Poor Rico Had A Lot Going On

Rico had over attachment problems, protection aggression, and at times displayed his authority. He felt vulnerable in this space and slightly confused. However with the new arrival of the puppy, I could observe his character, to which he displayed a really caring nature, and that was the bit I wanted to convince Rico to be around visitors.

Time To Practise My Visitor Control Techniques

It was time to work on visitor control. Next door volunteered to come round as a visitor. Incidentally she was scared of dogs, and I truly wouldn’t of allowed her to play the part of the visitor if I had known just how scared she was of dogs! This is because a dog will detect this in a nano second. Our body language with exhibit how scared we are, and to just to confirm all this we release a pheromone which a dog immediately recognises as fear response and only empowers the dog. I took control, implemented some new routines and techniques and it all went really well. Some homework for the owners to follow through though!

Rico Showed Much Love Towards The Puppy

On the whole Rico is a lovely tempered dog, who has been left to make some decisions through lack of leadership. Through his actions have given him much rewards, and backed up with his breeds in him have been left to nurture and to turn into negative behaviours. I am looking forward to receiving a call when the puppy has had her second vaccinations and welcoming her into my puppy training classes soon, and the update on how Rico is getting on.