1-2-1 Cases

Today I went performed a 121 with two Border collie puppies, yes two from the same the litter!  A good reason to seek help from a professional. A 121 puppy home visit for advice on how to prevent sibling rivalry, a horrible situation, when two dogs from the same litter don’t get on!

As always I’m greeted with apologies 

The consultation started in the kitchen where the usual greet of two delightful puppies jumping up, with the owners apologising and pushing the puppies off me. Let’s start with this issues first then, although my heart melted because they looked adorable. STOP IT CHRIS, stay disciplined and don’t go for puppy licks yet!

“Well I can see why you hired my professional dog behaviour help! Do you have other puppy behaviours you want looking at? Yes the list is here,

  • Lead walking.
  • What’s not play between the dogs.
  • Using a dog harness without success, what is right .
  • Oh didn’t we say we have another 2 dogs in the living room, “Oh wow.”
  • How do we control play.
  • We are not sure about how to start puppy clicker training.
  • How do we teach them, that bad behaviour is wrong and they understand.
  • We haven’t witnessed calm dogs yet, can you show us how.
  • Food aggression developing, how do we stop that.

There was a few more on the list, but, you get the idea! Well as the 121 puppy training continued it became apparent that a common behaviour revealed itself, under feeding issue. My blog on this can help you.

Does your puppy try and eat stones, rope toys or scavenge every morsel of food around?

What led to identifying this puppy behaviour problem was, when I offered the Border collie puppies a Whimzee stick, it didn’t last as long as it should have done. We discussed, and then the revelation that the owners feeding quantities were wrong. They read the information wrong for feeding quantities! Devastated dog owners followed!

Check your puppies feeding quantity now, that 30 seconds could be a game changer in your puppy’s behaviour!

Artificial grass the downside!

As the advice rolled along, it was time to do some more hands on training. We ventured out into the reasonable sized garden with fake grass. Did you know  fake grass gets hotter in the summer? Always check with the back of your hand the heat, it can burn the pads of your dog in extreme cases!

Border collies love fly ball, and herding and stimulation..!

I started throwing every imaginable type of toy around, one of the collies started chasing and retrieving, loving my special game. The other, tried to figure out the game. I started bouncing balls of the owner’s garage wall, connected to the garden, simulating a loose version of fly ball. That was it both puppies ended up chasing after the balls and even catching them as flew towards them. With owners faces light up, we then went on to do some clicker training.

We finished off the consultation, and later on I received this

“Hi we thought the 121 training was excellent. We would highly recommend it. It’s been an eye opener to what we have learnt. We are putting your great advice into place and what we have been shown. More updates to follow.”

If you would like a 121 puppy home visit and get help to prevent problems from the start? Then get in touch or use the booking form to get help from Northamptonshire leading dog behaviourist Chris Rose.