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lola-cockerpooAs I drove to Grange park in Northampton I was wondering the intensity of the energy that was causing a young puppy and 2 year old dog not to be getting along. Normally this doesn’t take long with the right integration. This situation was causing some much distress as the owners of the dogs were mother and daughter. Several attempts had been made to integrate these two dogs, but every time ended in a fight and this is definitely not good for any puppies life experience. So as I pulled up to the property I knew I was at the right place as I could here Lola barking. As I entered the property I could easily see that Lola was a fearful dog around new visitors, barking and backing of, but I needed to know more about her history, so a chat and observation of her was all it needed to understand Lola needs. This confirmed what I knew.


The owners of Lola clearly loved her and wanted the very best for their dog and I have to say that Lola was adorable. It was time to meet the other party who was also a cockerpoo, but not inside the property, it was time to go for a walk. When I first saw Bella I could see that she was an energy fuelled little bundle of fun, pulling extensively on the lead. This energy level will get her into trouble with other dogs and I wasn’t surprised that Bella had been picked on by other dogs at here puppy class. Time to get some energies released so of we went for a walk.

Walking with the owners allowed me to discuss communication postures that in particular Lola would demonstrate as a shout out for help for her owners to help her, and this would crucial for when I left after the consultation for the owners to recognise and use the techniques I was going to implement to help prevent any more spats from arising. I have to say it was a lovely day as we walked around the country park in grange park, then after some time I knew the time had come to let these two off lead. As soon as I said this most the owners became very anxious and I could easily read their body language, if I could then the dogs would be easily be picking up on this as well. The dogs were pleased to be off lead, but Bella intensity grew with every stride and I knew that the energy around a meet and greet was whey to much and would be the trigger for Lola to react. I managed to advert this intensity and we all quickly moved of again for a very pleasurable walk with both dogs running around enjoying each other’s company for once. Lola relaxed with every stride taken “PROGRESS”. We put the dogs back on lead and headed to Lola’s home where a nice coffee awaited.

When starting to bond two dogs whether it be a puppy with a adult dog or two adult dogs, don’t be put under the illusion that every dog will just get on. It’s important to take into account the energy and character. Be proactive and not reactive so preventing these two dogs getting to the point what was the norm of fighting in this case was the key to the success of this case. All parties have the knowledge and understanding of this and I know that in a few days of following through the treatment plan, both dogs will be getting along. Keep up the progress of today and I look forward to hearing all about how your getting on soon.