1-2-1 CasesChris and Lexie

Chris and LexieA very local dog training 121 consultation today was in Brixworth Northampton. The sun was shinning so bright and it was already warming up nicely outside. The weather can affect a dogs behaviour in that extreme warm weather will drain your dogs energy making the dog seek shade giving you a false impression that the once un-wanted dog behaviours you once had, have suddenly and dramatically disappeared.


Arriving at the front door, Lexie a beagle cross was in the front window giving me a greeting of barking, as usual I could tell that this dog wasn’t aggressive, through sound and postures. The front door opened and the owner said “I knew she would do that” I was thinking “I’m glad because it gives me the chance to evaluate the intensity of the barking”, this also gives me an idea how long the dog has become accustomed to doing this type of behaviour.