Obedience training for the ultimate control and fun with your pet gundog

Training your gundog to recall to whistle, stop on a whistle command, change direction to hand signals. Will not only control your dogs breed instincts, but also fulfil its mental stimulation too . Then add in some real challenging  retrieving exercises, then you and your pet gun dog will have endless hours of fun on the walk. That`s why owning a gun dog breed is so much fun. But you need the control.

How will you get your dogs training to this level? As long as your dogs vaccinations are current, they are sociable to other dogs and attended my level 1 foundation gundog classes, and trained to stay to whistle along with a reliable recall, you can enrol on to this course.

location is, the enclosed garden area of the village hall. This is an outdoor class.

Hardingstone Village Hall

Next classes coming soon and limited to 6 dogs

If owners find it difficult to train their dogs in any of the exercises I will take control of the dog to demonstrate and help owners achieve.

Equipment required for this class

  • Dog must have suitable collar, lead or other setup with ID tag (No flexi leads)
  • Handler provides suitable food treats used rarely, but to reinforce wanted behaviour
  • Handler to provide poop bags
  • Whistle (ACME 210 1/2)
  • Long line
  • Oversized tennis ball or retrieving dummy

The classes are fun, inspiring and relaxed to help you get the best out of the training.

Week 1 – Return to heel positioning and distraction training 

This training week is all about training your dog not to bolt off to distractions. Training the command return to heel. Then performing some retrieving work using our stay to whistle command. Finishing of the class with blind retrieving exercises.

Week 2 – The focus is on the command back. 

This is so useful if your dog needs assistance in retrieving an item that is further back. Commanding your dog back becomes so vital as It saves you having to go and get it yourself! Ending the training class with a blind retrieve interrupted with the stay to whistle command and then using the command back to conclude the retrieve.

Week 3 – Teaching your dog left and right to hand signal

The week before we looked at training the back command and now it`s time for training the dog to understand left and right to hand signals. If your dog decides to run completely of course for retrieving then its essential to help the dog to go in the right direction. This gives you ultimate directional control and now you can take your retrieving to another level. finishing the class off with a retrieving to the left and right

Week 4 – Building confidence in jumping to command

When a dog reaches an obstacle like jumping into the boot of the car, then training your dog do this on command is so much easier. They have to be taught the command and have confidence in jumping the height. Its the same if you want to work your dog, if they should they reach a fence they will jump it with confidence on command. This prevents injury to the dog and allows your dog to access more areas without having to lift them over obstacles. Finishing the class of with jump to retrieve.