How long is the duration of a consultation for?
(A) Duration of the consultation can last from 3.5hrs onwards. The time includes evaluating the dogs behaviour in the environments where the most intensity is happening, along with tutoring through what is required to rectify the unwanted behaviours, this is why i don’t do time limits with any consultations. Most dog owners pick up my techniques really quick as they are simple and effective.

Is the fee for only one visit?
(A) The fee you have been quoted is for the initial consultation. All follow ups will be quoted in the initial quote. I strongly recommend that you consider booking at least one follow up visit. 

I have more than one dog or puppy does your price include all dogs?
(A) There are no other hidden extra charges involved so ie; 2,3,4 puppies or dogs are for FREE.

Is there anything I should do for the consultation?
(A) It’s very useful to make a list of all the behaviours and questions you would like help with prior to me visiting. And where possible should include environments where unwanted behaviours are happening.

Do we come to you or do you come to us?
(A) The location where the consultation takes place is 90% of the time in the home environment where the dog lives. On certain and rare occasions if I think it would of benefit, a alternative location may be sought. Environments play a part in moulding a dogs behaviour. This will be confirmed when arranging an appointment.

Are you available 7 days a week, and including Bank holidays?
(A) Various times are available for personalised consultations, including weekends, bank holidays and evenings. There is no extra charge when I carry out a consultation during these times. I like to offer my services as widely as possible across a week so I can give everyone a chance to make a booking to help with their dog problems.

Who should be present at the personalised consultation?
(A) Consultations are best carried out if possible in the presence of all the family who live with the dog. It may also be beneficial for friends, dog walkers and even neighbours to be present to aide consistency if they help with the dog. Writing notes as the consultation takes place is a good way of passing on the information, like tips and general advice and treatment plan. My consultations are carried out in a warm and friendly way.