Hi. I just wanted to share a proud moment today. I have a young Tibetan mastiff who through a set of unfortunate circumstances developed nervous aggression and dominance. The result was 4 hrs in A&E with a friend he bit and a few weeks later a lesser bite to me. I so nearly gave up on him but three months later and with help and support from Chris he is a different dog.
The vets had become a traumatic experience for us both, even muzzled he would growl and bark and even snap …at the vet.
Today we went for a check up and he didn’t make a sound, allowed the vet to check his ears, his and also his feet and even stick a needle in his neck. There have been lots of milestones reached in the last three months but this has to be the best so far! We still have a long way to go but I am so much more positive about our future and the bond and trust between him and me is so much stronger.
I wanted to share this for anyone with a dog with similar issues to show that with hard work, patience and trust even what you thought was hopeless can be turned around