After having such difficulty walking my dog bear (currently 11months) and getting him to interact in the right manner with other dogs I contacted chris. We arranged a 1 on 1 session at Abington park and within minutes I was blown away with how quickly chris knew what was wrong with bear. I had mistaken his behaviour for overexcitement, but it was actually anxiety issues. Chris spent 3.5 (and would of been longer if needed) hours with me, my partner and bear showing us different techniques of how to control his behaviour and to get him to loose lead walk. He also got bear to start interacting with other dogs at the park. By the end of the consultation he was a Different dog, bear used to constantly pull on the lead, Lunge at other dogs and some people. It made walks such hard work. Chris has gave us the tools to totally change that. He has totally filled me and my partner up with confidence on how to successfully change bears bad habits. I would totally recommend chris to anyone. I also feel that chris is easy to talk to. Doesn’t judge at all. And is full of knowledge on all aspects where dogs are concerned. Really couldn’t ask for anyone better. Thanks chris