Hi Chris, Well, what can i say. BRILLIANT!!!!!! We have 2 Black Labs, A 4 year old and a puppy, The puppy was a nightmare, too much energy and a real handful. Chris came to see us one evening to see what he could do and within minutes Bronx (the puppy) really settled down. Chris today came back to spend a few hours with us and the dogs and WOW, the dogs now walk to heel instead of walking us. they now don’t climb on the furniture unless they are called up and wait at the bottom of the stairs instead of bolting up after us. Its almost a miracle. He put together a structured dog walk so we can go out and fulfil the dogs both physically and mentally. Im rambling a bit but you get the idea. Definately worth the time, money and i wish i’d called him months ago. Thanks again Chris. Regards Dave and April