Hi Chris what a fantastic day i had when you came and spend the day with me and Bella.
Our Westie bitch would bark and go totaly mental even with volume off at the tv to the extent we could not watch the tv and always bark when in the garden and bite  if you touched her paws or put the lead on her .
After spending the day with you she totaly changed from a misbehvouring puppie to a more relaxed and behaved puppie.
We can now touch her paws and brush her without her biting and watch any tv program we want with no barking or going mad and pulling things of the table because the tv is on. I would recomend you to anybody who has problems with there dog.
To see her change within a couple of hours of you bieng with her is amazing.
she now walks on the lead without pulling also thanks to you it is a joy to take her out with us now.