Exhausted every means to resolve your issues!

You may have read books, searched the web, seek advice from other dog owners or already tried alternative dog training company/s to resolve your presiding issue/s in this area/s. As frustrating as this, I feel that I can still help

Easy when you know how

Working with dogs to change their behaviour should be done by a professional. Don’t risk hiring an amateur or hobbyist it could cost you more in the long run, including the bond you have with your dog. My accreditation was acquired through the CIDBT.

Assessing your dog problems in real life occurrences

The consultation starts by focussing on the presiding dog problems, and .where they occur
There will be plenty of opportunity for questions along the way. This helps with dog owners building an accurate diagnosis of the dogs behaviour and starting to learn to read their dogs responses in different situations.

The realistic chances, how long for change

As the continued development of the consultation occurs it will enter the second part which is the diagnosis. With honesty, transparency and understanding, you will understand the realistic chances of stopping, reducing and managing the problem. (No false hopes given)I do have a very high success rate backed up with many testimonials in all areas from puppy problems, dog aggression, dog separation anxiety, dominance behaviours, to name a few.

Implementing of equipment

I may have to implement equipment in managing, reducing or eliminating your issues and worries with regards to your dogs behaviour. Teachings on how to use any equipment effectively and you should also know that no equipment selected will harm your dog in any way. Nor will it interfere with your dogs well being or bond. I will also only use any equipment with the up most of respect and consideration towards your dog.
We do not use electric collars or Intimidation techniques including any force or shouting !

Should there be a need for further dog training.

Rarely needed so contact me if you require some more help. Full support via phone calls or email. For the rest of your dogs life. Working together is essential to curing your dogs behaviour problems.

That’s not all what goes into my consultation!

  • Included, all influences that will support the presenting issue/s.
  • Individual dog behaviour plans for the family or owner fitted around your particular circumstances, routines and environments dog/s reside at.
  • No time limit consultation, but the average lasts around 2 – 3.5hrs more for dog aggression issues.
  • 2,3,4 or more dogs? All included in the cost.
  • Hands on demonstrations throughout the consultation, ethical and modern training techniques.
  • Discovering the why’s and triggers for producing the behaviours.
  • Eliminating common bad practices that can cause behaviours to worsen or have no impact.
  • Full explanations of how your dog thinks and it wants from all humans in the family.
  • How to react correctly to the needs of the dog.
  • I have over 3000 dogs of experience.
  • Learn how to use powerful re-enforcers like Food, touch, play.
  • All the many family welcome.
  • Pavlov law! This could be influencing your dogs behaviour

Get the best advice and training with…

  • Growling and snapping towards other dogs
  • Growls, teeth barring towards people
  • Boisterous behaviour
  • High excitement
  • Destructive and possession issues
  • Anxiety
  • Barking and lunging
  • Loose lead, recall
  • General disobedience
  • High reactions to sounds, passers by property
  • Aggression to other family dog(s)
  • Obsessional behaviours
  • Food aggression

And more …

Alison Martin Hope
Its not been 48 hours since Chris came by for a one to one to help with our two cocker spaniels. Already seeing amazing results! Thanks Chris, looking forward to working with you more in the future