What’s covered, what’s involved and accreditation

  • Teaching the language of dogs
  • Demo’s, coaching and explanations
  • Accreditation through the CIDBT
  • Evaluations on current dog training equipment
  • Follow on support
  • My unique STAR approach
  • 121 in locations to assess behaviour
  • Multi dogs covered by same price
  • Cost effective

Top 10 reasons why Northampton dog owners choose this service

  • Lunging towards other dogs
  • Excessive barking on sight of other dogs
  • Separation issues when left at home alone
  • Growling towards family or even biting
  • Excessive whimpering or whining while dog walking
  • Over boisterousness
  • High excitement prior to dog walking
  • Reactivity around the home i.e. lots of barking
  • Tried other methods without success
  • Recommendations

The list is endless of behaviours a dog can do that provokes dog owners to reach out for my help. So don’t feel alone. Often when I attend a private home 121 dog training consultation. Often I provide valuable insight on other undetected issues that owners were not aware off, that’s why my 121’s are a minimum of 3 ½ hrs and unique and rarely need any follow on support

Owner gaining confidence with lead control

Lead control instead of lunging

I don`t endorse any of the following

  • Pinning down
  • Prong collars
  • Hitting or striking
  • Choke collars
  • Electric collars (Banned in UK)
  • Scruff handling
  • Shaking dog
  • Shouting

How quick will you see results?

This is all down to how you reward behaviours. Inconsistent rewarding dog behaviours is known as intermittent rewarding and these behaviours can take a while to break.

It may be that a severe traumatic experience has set your dog back. This needs a confidence building approach and this will take some time, but if you apply my methods daily then before you know it results will come. Often during the consultation as well.

How much is a 121 and how long is the session?

Check for promotional offers, when you enter the promo code on my prices and bookings page it will adjust the price. The consultation will be for a minimum of 3.5hrs. This is so I can make proper assessments and allow dog owners to witness how my methods work in real life situations.

You need 3 ½ hours minimum in one training session.

As dog owners we have a mind-set of dog behaviours a dog will perform. From jumping up, excitement, giving paw, licking, rolling over, barking, obedience from sit to heel, your list could be more than this. There is a collection of dog behaviours that cause concern and these could be dog to dog aggression, lunging and barking at dogs, growling at family, unable to be left or general disobedience to commands as described above.

Time to hire a professional trainer or behaviourist? In my opinion having tried hourly dog training sessions I couldn’t cover all what I know contributes to these behaviours. I felt that I could never show the possible to the owner either. Time wasn’t enough. How I do it now allows for quality time on working all aspects required and in one session the results of change can be remarkable and witnessed by the owner.

Being filmed for the BBC

BBC tv filming (programme out later 2019)

From a good dog to a daily routines of avoiding and embarrassment

Owning a dog should be easy, fun and care free. Most of the time it is, but the effects of your dog’s behaviour problems on your own wellbeing can be from annoyance to sheer embarrassment and be wilderment. Your emotional stress can consume you as you witness events and situations you are helpless to know what to do in. Avoiding situations lets you receive a form of quality walk or that quick solution of shutting your dog away when visitors attend. But this wasn’t the dream or vision when you first brought home your dog when they were a puppy or even as a rehomed dog.

The overwhelming amount of advice

Other dog owners are always sympathetic. At some point that conversation  will occur “when my old dog did the same I used this technique!” At last you feel someone understands on all emotional levels with what your dog behaviours. That feeling of hope and rejuvenation to dog walks or when the next visitor turns up excites you. You purchase the recommendations or implement the strategy and for a while it worked. I love the community of dog owners for wanting other dog owners to be happy and for their dogs too.

But what happens when that piece of advice doesn’t work. I often find this to be the point that leads to the last resort time. Or family members relationships start to break down with the dog. Seeking advice on forums comes back with answers like it’s the breed, well that s not always true. 

I know that there are common behaviours that all dogs do, no matter what breed. And to top off the mind field of advice on the web, and dog training sites offering all sorts of advice, from the care approach through to unaccredited advice, that’s detrimental on what a dog needs. But above all take this advice, never pay anyone whose advice is just let your dog do want it wants.

What collar, what lead, what harness and so on

We all know that there is a section in the pet shop that has equipment that you can buy over the shelf to say help with loose lead. Perfect it sounds, but unfortunately you never get questioned arriving at the till, for right size or appropriateness and off you go home eager to use it.

After all, this is the piece of equipment that will change your dog walking for ever and it does for a time. More often you put it on once and look for another because your dog just didn’t like it or managed to get it off causing injuries to their self in doing so. Always check for correct fitting and setup of your equipment.

Or at worse converting a piece equipment from its original use to using for another purpose. Again from hand me down advice. This is not your fault that your trying all sorts, it’s about receiving the right advice that the loose lead issue or what equipment on the market will actually work for you. My job is to know what equipment works best and will give you a change.

Demonstarting sit and stay

My dog Kasper

Life being life can throw up changes that can derail your promise of dog owning

When you decided on getting a dog , and reading up all what a dog needs are, like a place of rest, appropriate dog food for their age, stimulation, exercise and training. I bet you promised yourself that you would be the best dog owner to your dog. That you would provide the best family home for a dog and give it lots of love and that you will train it. Reading this, it may be you’re not far off. A massive well done, because owning a dog is harder than most people imagine.

Then a change of job, a relationship breakup, financial change and so on, can derail your promise to yourself that has now had a profound effect on your dog’s behaviour. Yes these changes means that the effect it has on you, will definitely have an effect on your dog’s behaviour. You couldn’t change those changes, but you can change your dog’s behaviour with the right advice. But I would say make that advice professional. I pride myself on being supportive, sympathetic and understanding. I am a dog owner too!

Become the dog owner your dog wants you to be

Owning a dog is more than just feeding, walking and loving. If only it was that simple hey. Are there tell-tale signs that all is not right? if you know the language of dogs then you will know, but that’s why you’re seeking help here most likely. How much do you know your dog though? Lots, that’s fabulous, but it might be that extra 5-10% that defines a real difference and increases your bond with your dog more. That’s what my 121 dog training service does. It fills in the blanks and more with my unique STAR approach, when applied daily will have a profound effect on your dog’s behaviour and increase your bond with your dog.

Chris Rose dogs

My pack of dogs 2 are at rainbow bridge 

If you believe in the first line below, then I’m not the trainer for you! Sorry

Dogs are my babies? Dogs are human? Dog thinks like a humans? If you think this then we need to explore this, because if that statement was true, the need for experts in understanding how a dog actually thinks and acts is none. You wouldn’t need to train your dog, and I cannot work with you on a 121 basis.

Time to make a decision, or come back another time

This is my 121 dog training service or as some like to say private home dog training. I hope you have a much better understanding about what’s covered and involved with this dog training 121 service,  and how I differ from other dog training services. If you want to go ahead and make a booking then you can either use the link towards the top of the article or click here.