The canine secret

Developed and unique to Chris Rose

The dog training secret is a powerful canine code that when learnt and understood has a wonderful uplifting and positive affect on your dogs behaviour and learning to train.

121’s are for anyone who wants the understanding and to learn more about their dog, at a pace that suits the owner and dog. An understanding to know if your approach is right and not to feel embarrassed in front of other owners if your dogs behaviour makes you feel uncomfortable.

What makes up my proven methods, here is some of the secret!

The areas that make up my secret to a well behaved dog are space, time, attention, reward. I refer to it as the STAR approach. Within these areas are understandings and training methods, which when applied, simplify the complexity of a dog`s mind, reducing nervousness, fear and anxiety. It restores hierarchy issues and takes away boisterous problems and generally will impact across all of your dogs mindsets and behaviours Including dog aggression.

Chris to came see our dog called max who was dog aggressive and would not walk to heel. After a visit from chris and dedication from us Max is like a different dog. We inherited my mother in laws dog. She is a gorgeous dog but no matter how hard we tried she would do the same as Max. So we contacted Chris. Yet again he has made such a difference to our household. Sadie now walks to heel on the lead and i can now get to my front door without being shoved out the way and go for a drive in the car without 2 dogs whining in my ear. Chris is a life saver and I trust his techniques. Thank you Chris.

13 years dog training experience! Using my unique way, improving the method with new learnings from the experience of having trained 10,000 dogs on a 121 level. 1000’s of dogs which includes puppies have trained to a high standard with my dog training methods. It works on all breeds of any age too. Rule out any medical issues first.

The canine secret, developed through the study of dogs in packs (my own) and professional studies through the CIDBT. Looking at the essential components that allow dogs to live alongside other dogs, the impact of owners can have on their dogs and what contributes to an unstable dog pack. My essential study came from owning four male dogs at one time. The invaluable experience, study and learning especially the canine language between dogs, set the foundations of my philosophy. No book or DVD provides this learning. But a pack of dogs does!

Once you understand what every movement, posture and vocal stands for and its purpose, then your dog handling will only prosper and get better. Especially when you can read your dog like a book. Including what is meant by a dogs lip being stuck to a tooth for example. I can assure you, it’s not from a dry mouth!

learning the language of dogs helps you to be proactive to situations, instead of having to handle the situation with strength or avoidance. This builds trust with your dog and will resonate in your dog’s mind fulfilling it’s instinctual needs for a strong leader in situations. I will show you how. Rules and boundaries are important, but some rules are a myth and can have a detrimental affect on your dogs well being did you know?

You will witness great results and within just 3 ½ hrs more often than not. Yes in one session you will observe a change. If I think it will take longer I will be upfront and clear before you book as with any training, some dogs can be more resistant to new methods especially if past history is not known!

Read the many testimonials of dog owners who still follow daily my successful dog training methods that changed their dogs behaviour and still living without embarrassment or fear to date. Found at the bottom of the home page.

Hi Chris, Well, what can i say. BRILLIANT! We have 2 Black Labs, A 4 year old and a puppy, The puppy was a nightmare, too much energy and a real handful. Chris visited us this evening to see what he could do and within minutes Bronx (the puppy) really settled down. Chris today came back to spend a few hours with us and the dogs and WOW, the dogs now walk to heel instead of walking us. they now don’t climb on the furniture unless they are called up and wait at the bottom of the stairs instead of bolting up after us. Its almost a miracle. He put together a structured dog walk so we can go out and fulfil the dogs both physically and mentally. I’m rambling a bit but you get the idea. Definitely worth the time, money and I wish I’d called him months ago. Thanks again Chris. Regards, Dave and April.

You should note that the canine secret enhances relaxation, control and responses to commands. It helps your dog to accept situations like visitors. The psychology also helps reduce stress. It provides a daily structure that a dog craves through consistency and also helps to keep its natural behaviours at bay too. For example excessive territorial barking.

I will show you how to respond to your dog`s body language and cues, this will enhance your dogs bond and trust. My philosophy changes dog owners relationships with their dogs, reinvigorates, builds confidence and de-stresses. The best kept secret of many dog owners walking the streets today!

To accompany the philosophy I encourage rewarding for good behaviour. It`s proven to have a huge affect on a dogs behaviour. Accompanied with my successful training techniques provides a winning combination for change.

Other conventional dog behaviour strategies like, flooding and desensitisation are part of my dog behaviour work, don`t worry these powerful strategies sound complex, but they are not.

Classical conditioning techniques are important to help change your dogs behaviour, in fact this hidden code to how dogs learn is powerful many underestimate or even unaware how it plays out daily in a dogs life. Its been a key part of my teachings since I owned and worked with dogs.

I took on a little rescue staffy, who had a big separation issue and was very unsure around other dogs. Thanks to Chris and all his hard work my little girl now happily interacts with all other dogs and will sleep peacefully in her bed when left home alone. I would certainly recommend Chris to anyone with dog behaviour issues.

What to learn the best kept secret to a well behaved dog? Then book using the link above. Start a new journey with your dog. Do it for your dog! Dog training without fear or intimidation, no force, no pinning or shouting! Get the understanding so you can care for and dog train the proven and ethical way!

I mentioned earlier when a lip gets stuck on a tooth, anticipation your observing! Your on your way to learning about your dog!

This is the most important link your dog wants you to click on! Especially if they are anxious, nervous or dominant behaviours or even living in fear!

The success stories. 121’s changed my dog. Thank you Chris Rose.

Chris Rose Dog Whisperer