Dog aggression towards owner is where the dog has decided to have either have exhibited a bite or where the dog is showing signs of aggression like growls, lip curls and nips to family members.

Building up to the aggression there might have been signs that all may have not been very balanced, or even dog behaviours brought to your attention may not of seemed so important or relevant to your present concerns or even realised that were of any significance.

Uncorrected  behaviours from puppy owning will cause problems later 

For example from a puppy you have allowed nips to go un-corrected and encouraged mouthing from your dog. Although mouthing can be very controlled from your dog it is s supporting behaviour for aggression, where the dog has no boundary for being allowed to use its mouth to skin. In a lot cases the moulding for dog to person aggression was created around the age of 4-12weeks of age. (Neonatal period) Then through maturity the dog has taken to new level.

lack of socialisation unbalances dogs

Your dog may have always been wary of people either through bad experiences or lack of human socialisation as a puppy As described above. The character of your dog may have been non confident from a puppy so mis reading your dog behaviour may have encouraged fear aggression responses. History taking is important to fully understand why your dog has become dog to person aggressive and with our high level of expertise and experience we can identify these clearly and accurately.

It can happen in all environments

Of course your dog will not only exhibit aggression behaviours in the home, but out on your dog walks or other open spaces as well may be of concern too. Your dogs behaviour may have become unpredictable and under the dogs law we have a responsibility for implementing safe guarding that will not allow the dog to bite anyone or display any other dog aggression towards other humans. But with understanding the triggers and accurately finding them can be the start for implementing the right correctional methods, you can then start to turn around this dog aggression behaviour problem.

There can different reasons

There are different types of dog aggression to owners i.e.; the reasons why your dog is exhibiting the aggression. You can identify the differences by the way the dog is holding its postures. Vocals can give away the type of dog aggression it is as well. Correctly identifying the dog to person aggression is crucial so that methods for resolving are correct and won’t worsen the situation.

Dependant on the breed depends on the severity

Certain dog breeds can cause some unpredictability in reading the dog for aggression. A breed like the Rottweiler gives away hardly any signals, for when aggression is just about to be exhibited. This of course leaves owners feeling very frustrated, however there are some small behaviours the dog will always exhibit and when being aware of these you as a owner can then go ahead with the right approach upon noticing them.

Shouting, pinning water sprays don’t work on dog aggression

When you fully have a understanding of why your dog is exhibiting this behaviour you can with our guidance go about changing the behaviour with subtle cues and communication that will help change your dogs current state of mind. What doesn’t work is shouting, or pinning your dog for exhibiting the aggression. In a lot of cases we deal with, this has only made the dog worse, along with other suggested techniques off the internet.

Fear aggression

Some of the different types of dog aggression to owner are, fear aggression. Your dog isn’t comfortable with being in your presence often associated with re-homed dog or rescue dogs due to lack of trust. Or from previous experiences from its past history there has been some form of trauma or lack socialisation that is causing the aggression.

Dominant dog

Dominant aggression, can seem very similar on the surface to fear aggression, but dominance aggression is where the dog is using aggression behaviours to keep the hierarchy within the family pack. Usually the dog’s favourite person won’t receive any forms aggression toward them, but other family members will often receive various signals of aggression and at various degrees of intensity. It will often take a professional dog behaviourist to ascertain the differences and supply the correct techniques and cues to alter a dominant dog. A family living with a dog like this is known to be in a triangular situation!

These are the some of the main type’s dog aggression to owner we get called in to resolve and using our dog psychology and techniques we have changed and modified the behaviour of the dog. Please see how we conduct our consultations. Our very thorough process helps to quickly identify the supporting triggers, so an accurate tailored dog programme can be implemented swiftly to make changes.