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georgy1The date was Sunday the 14 June 2014 the location of the 121 personalised consultation was Isham near Kettering, Northamptonshire.

I received a telephone call to help a dog that was constantly jumping up and at times was showing aggression towards her owners. The owners described it as intense and getting out of control. They were also incorporating issue out on the walk as well, like chasing of livestock and lunging towards other dogs.


georgy2Upon arrival I wasn’t expecting the intensity of the jumping up to be as bad as it was. Georgy is a black lab of around 16 months of age, and although this breed can be excitable it shouldn’t be with this intensity, there had to be other contributing factors. Upon ignoring Georgy she nipped my hand and intensified her jumping up. I was going to work on this straight away and we did. Other issues in the home was that Georgy was jumping between her owners on the sofa, squeezing them out of the way of an evening time. This is something I see and get called to help a lot with. The dog walking problems, we did after dealing with the home issues. I noticed Georgy the energy levels intensifying in Georgy and just to acknowledge that she was off scootering around like a mad possessed dog! How a dog stays in control in this state of mind is beyond me, however how funny it look or seem, it is serious and should be addressed. So we worked on this as well.

So after we worked on all the home problems we headed out for the walk, this part incorporated looking at the setup used to walk Georgy, visiting a local field where the livestock chasing was occurring. I must point out It is dangerous for a dog to chase livestock and farmers can shoot your dog for doing so. Always keep your dog on lead around livestock and stick to designated walking routes. I hoped we would meet other dog walkers to asses the intensity of the dog walk as well. We then headed through the village of Isham to hopefully come a across other dog walkers, we did encounter a couple of dogs and the owners followed through with my techniques with great success. Overall this was another good initial consultation.

The training package that was quoted for and booked, by Georgy owners was “complete pack leader” this was because the owners had issues in the home and out on the walk. Click the links to access more of my competitive dog training services I offer. “Lead the walk” “Home pack leader” “raising the perfect puppy”

Then I received this update on 3rd July 2014

Hi Chris sorry for the long delay in responding to you. Georgie is making good progress. We have got rid of her cage and she is now more free to roam at night. Jumping up is getting better and we only occasionally have to correct her, evenings are more relaxed as she does not pester us as much. Overall we are about a 7out of 10 but it is a significant improvement. Will get in touch again in a few weeks, Emma (unless we have any problems)

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