Signs when your dog was at puppy stage, going into adolescent, reaching maturity as a adult dog may have been there. The subtle signs can be so minor and often so overlooked. You probably only was worried amount quantity of food not communications? It’s often so overlooked that your dog wasn’t accepting of any human passing or attempting to interfere with its food whilst eating routine was being carried out.

Did you ignore or not recognise the signs?

Signs could have been indicated by your dog moving around the bowl whilst eating, keeping an eye on any one attempting to approach! Other signs from a early age may have been ‘freeze ups’ again with people passing by or attempting to go near the food bowl whilst the dog was eating.

Now things have got worse!

These early warning signs will most probably have escalated into more intense behaviours like lipping raising displaying teeth, growls and snaps. These displays of aggression then can dramatically take hold making feeding time become edgy and tense affairs.

Techniques like hand feeding can be useful, but will hardly ever modify the aggression situation when routines return back to normal. Other techniques like changing the food the dog is eating, can sometimes impact, but with my experience hardly ever! Are you worrying over your dogs eating habits?