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buddyEvery Friday night I hold my puppy training classes (puppy clowns) followed by two more dog obedience classes, either (ring master) or (high wire) the hall I hire is situated in Far cotton, called the REC centre, Northampton just of the towcester road. The puppy classes start at 7pm and finish around 7:45, it’s a quick turn around for the start of the next class. With the final adult dog class starting at 8:30pm and finishing 9:15pm.


This week I couldn’t help but write a brief account of a dog called Buddy. Buddy’s age is not specific and this is due to the fact he is a rescue dog. After a phone call from his new owners it was decided that buddy should be placed in the puppy class to get the essential dog socialisation and to start obedience training. He was a very young dog and probably on the cusp of the age limit for the puppy classes, however his first week came.

Hall v’s Dog Training In A Park

Buddy was excited and dragged his new owners into the hall, a little funny, but slightly serious as well for all the right reasons. He went through admin and entered the hall, this was probably buddy’s first taste of being inside surrounded by other dogs. He was remarkable to say the least. But like all the other puppies that attend the training classes the next part is the essential. Off lead puppy socialisation is crucial for the development of any puppy. What I found as a professional dog behaviourist is that in a hall environment the dogs put real focus on each other, which boosts their learning and communication on how to behave around other dogs. Unlike say in a park where there are lots of other distractions for your puppy to focus on, when actually all you want is the puppies to focus each other.

Essential Socilaisation Is Critical

Of course socialisation for a puppy is introducing to them everything and anything that they will come up to in their life. But doing it structurally helps to instil the necessary discipline around those stimulus. I encourage my clients to take structured visits to places to expose their puppy to certain stimulus, building up a library in the dogs mind! When your in a busy environment you can inadvertently be training non obedience in that environment, and what I mean by this is, that you relax and allow your puppy or dog to pull you around in that environment without giving it a second thought, so the next time you revisit that environment your puppy or dog will free lance as I like to call it, thinking they can do as they please than actually putting the focus on our selfs in that environment. However in a hall with less distractions, makes an excellent training venue for instilling good obedience and socialisation skills.

Buddy’s Handler Carried Through The Training

Back to Buddy. Every week he received his essential socialisation. His handler was Chloe who was aged just 13 displayed great patience and gained excellent skills in timing. Buddy responded really well to Chloe and together the grew better and better each puppy obedience training week. This was backed up by a remark of another dog handler attending our later class who said the big black dog leaving the premises was being walked to heel really well.

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